Mollusk test kitMollusk test kit

Mollusk test kit

food allergen testing

  • Fast and highly sensitive mollusk analysis

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Test Kits for the Accurate Detection of Mollusk

One of the largest groups of invertebrates, mollusks, along with crustaceans, make up the food group colloquially known as “shellfish”. Mollusca is a very heterogeneous group that includes sea and fresh water clams and snails, oysters, squids and octopuses.

They are an important diet component of communities all around the globe. The prevalence of shellfish allergy is estimated to be between 0.5-2.5% of the general world population, and it is strongly dependent on geographic location, consumption habits and age. The most prominent major allergen in mollusks is tropomyosin, a muscle protein.

In general, symptoms of mollusk and shellfish allergy can vary from mild itches, hives and rashes to swelling, gut and respiratory reactions and even life-threatening anaphylaxis. In some cases, even touching the food or inhaling fumes from it can result in allergic reactions.

Fast and highly sensitive mollusk analysis

The Romer Labs test kit portfolio covers a highly sensitive ELISA method for the quantitative analysis of mollusk in raw materials, finished food and drink samples.

AgraQuant® ELISA Tests

The AgraQuant® Mollusk test kit is an accurate and reliable enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in a quantitative format. Results are measured with an ELISA reader, such as the StatFax® or the BioTek® reader.

This ELISA test kit is the ideal solution for a parallel measurement of multiple samples with assay times of as low as 60 minutes for up to 38 samples.

AgraQuant® allergen test kits are sandwich ELISAs in a ready-to-use format to reduce handling errors and come with a set of 5 standards, an antibody coated plate, an extraction buffer, a wash buffer, a conjugate, a substrate and a stop solution.


AgraQuant® Mollusk (10006023)

AgraQuant® Mollusk (10006023)

The AgraQuant® Mollusk is a sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) designed for the quantitative analysis of tropomyosin, the major allergen in mollusks, in food samples. Samples can vary from raw to processed foods, from environmental swabs to rinse water. This product is intended for laboratory use.


Storage temperature2°C - 8°C
Quantitation range10 - 400 ppb mollusk tropomyosin
Limit of detection1.7 ppb mollusk tropomyosin
Limit of quantitation10 ppb mollusk tropomyosin
AnalyteMollusk (Tropomyosin)
Number of wells48

Materials supplied

  • 48 antibody-coated microwells in a microwell holder sealed in a foil pouch
  • 5 ready-to-use standards (0; 10; 40; 100; and 400 ppb)
  • 1 bottle of concentrated (10X) extraction buffer
  • 1 bottle of concentrated (10X) wash buffer
  • 1 green-capped bottle of conjugate solution
  • 1 blue-capped bottle of substrate solution
  • 1 red-capped bottle of stop solution

Materials required but not supplied

  • Blender
  • analytical balance
  • 8-channel pipette
  • wash bottle
  • microwells/plate reader