RapidChek™ Total Protein

RapidChek™ Total Protein

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RapidChek™ Total Protein

The RapidChek™ Total Protein test is a colorimetric assay designed to screen surfaces for protein residues. Insufficient cleaning can result in unhygienic conditions. Testing surfaces for protein residues can therefore help to verify the effectiveness of a sanitation program.

Fast & simple procedure

  • Time-to-result: 30 seconds
  • No additional equipment required
  • No temperature-dependent incubation step
  • No chemicals come into contact with tested surface
  • Compact and easy to transport

High sensitivity

  • 3 µg for total protein (bovine serum albumin as control)
Limit of detection3 µg total protein
Quantity/Amount30 strips
MicrobiologyFood residue
Storage Temperature2°C - 25°C
Result typeQualitative
Product/EnvironmentEnvironmental Monitoring