Sterile Sampling Template

Sterile Sampling Template

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Sterile Sampling Template

  • 100 square cm (10 x 10 cm) or 50 square cm (10 x 5 cm)
  • For carcass or surface sampling
  • Made of rigid paperboard to withstand vigorous use
  • Packaged in an easy-to-open plastic bag
  • Irradiated for proven sterility

Item No.Description Package Size
10003780 (T100)Sterile Sampling Template, 100 cm2100
10003786 (T50)Sterile Sampling Template, 50 cm2100

MicrobiologyBacterial, Indicator microorganisms, Pathogenic bacteria, Spoilage microorganisms
Technology/ApplicationFood Processing
Storage Temperature 15°C - 25°C
Product/EnvironmentEnvironmental Monitoring