SafeSTORE Vented Chemical Storage CabinetsSafeSTORE Vented Chemical Storage CabinetsSafeSTORE Vented Chemical Storage CabinetsSafeSTORE Vented Chemical Storage Cabinets

SafeSTORE Vented Chemical Storage Cabinets

  • Air Science - SafeSTORE 34S-A, 34T-A, 64T-A, Mini Single-A, Mini Double-A

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Vented Storage Cabinets for Hazardous Chemicals and Substances

The SafeSTORE Series of vented filtering storage cabinets offers an economical solution for storage of toxic, noxious and odorous chemicals in the laboratory.


State and Federal Crime Laboratories \ Medical Examiners and Coroners \ Forensics \ Law Enforcement Agencies \ Hospital Emergency Rooms \ Drug Agencies


  • Activated carbon main filter formulated for general purpose storage to contain putrid organic odors as well as fumes (i.e. alcohol, solvents, gasoline, etc.).
  • Perforated polypropylene shelves.
  • With optional HEPA filter, eliminates exposure to biological particulates; see Accessories.
  • Upflow airflow geometry operates at 120-180 FPM face velocity to exchange air through activated carbon main filter.
  • Available with windowless doors
  • A - Control Panel: Electronic controls and displays include switches for the blower, lights and filter blockage alarm, all located on a convenient front surface panel.
  • B - Filter Blockage Alarm: Continuously monitors filter loading and alerts user when service is needed.
  • C - Dynamic Filtration Chamber: The dynamic filter chamber prevents any possible leakage of contaminated air by pressurizing the fan plenum (positive air) and depressuring the filter compartment (negative air).
  • D - Filter I.D. Window: A convenient, strategically placed front cover window shows the installed filter part number and installation date to encourage timely filter replacement.
  • E - Construction: The standard size and tall cabinets feature all polypropylene construction, while the SafeSTORE Mini features epoxy-coated steel construction.


5 Vaccine Storage and Handling Mistakes to Avoid

Cabinet StyleDesktop
Airflow DirectionUpflow
Electrical Voltage 120V, 60Hz
NEMA Plug5-15P
Monitoring Optionsstandard
OSHAOSHA Standard -29 CFR, Safety and Health Regulations for General Industry, 1910.1450: Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories. Part B, definition, laboratory type hood. This product may assist you with compliance or as part of your chemical hygiene plan. Please consult your Safety Officer and/or Industrial Hygienist.
EnvironmentalISO 14001 : 2015; ENERGY STAR® Partner
Quality ISO 9001 : 2015
Model External Dimensions (W x D x H)Internal Height
34S-A34" x 20" x 29" ( 864 x 508 x 737 mm )18.5" / 470 mm
34T-A34" x 24" x 71" ( 864 x 610 x 1800 mm )49" / 1245 mm
64T-A64" x 24" x 71" ( 1626 x 610 x 1800 mm )49" / 1245 mm
Mini Single-A21" x 12" x 20" ( 538 x 305 x 504 mm )10.8" / 275 mm
Mini Double-A21" x 12" x 31" ( 538 x 305 x 784 mm )10.8" / 275 mm


LIGHT-FDCCabinet Lighting*
FSAFilter Saturation Alarm*
ASTS-030HEPA Filter (Safestore 64T requires 2 filters)

* Factory installed; specify when ordering


Non-Consumable PartsLifetime
Electrical Parts24 Months, with the exception of the Purair BIO and Safekeeper COLD, which are 12 Months.
Field Labor24 Months, with the exception of the Purair BIO and Safekeeper COLD, which are 12 Months.
Consumable Parts, Filters and PURAIR-FLEX30 days or until when opened and/or used for the first time, whichever comes first.
Factory Installed Equipment and Accessories12 Months

*Warranty period starts from date of shipment.