Standard water resistant glovesStandard water resistant glovesStandard water resistant glovesStandard water resistant gloves

Standard water resistant gloves

  • Up to -196°С
  • For cryogenic applications
  • Insulating layers
  • Available in 4 sizes

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American BioTech Supply's line of gloves for cryogenic applications are manufactured in two configurations: Standard Series Water Repellent and 100% Waterproof Series.

The Standard Series is recommended for use where the protection requirement is mainly against cold as opposed to protection against splashing or dripping liquid, in which case the Waterproof Series would be recommended.

The sequence of insulating layers is the same for both series of gloves. This consists of three layers: two layers of insulation material are bonded together at the edges of each piece enabling insulating air to be trapped without adding additional weight or bulk and is then complimented with an inner lining that adds insulating value and is specifically designed to wick moisture away from the skin.

The Waterproof Series gloves incorporate a thin seamless, 100% waterproof inner protective layer.

The Wrist style gloves on both Series also incorporates an uninsulated knit cuff.

Under no circumstances should any of these gloves be submerged directly in liquid nitrogen or used with liquid oxygen.

Sizing: CryoGuard gloves are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

These four sizes correspond to European and American sizes of 8, 9, 10 and 11.

They are available in Wrist, Mid-Arm, Elbow and Shoulder lengths.


Model                                                                                    Size
ABS CG SH S                                                                         Small
ABS CG SH M                                                                        Medium
ABS CG SH L                                                                         Large
ABS CG SH XP                                                                       Extra Large

Model                                                                                    Size
ABS CG WR S                                                                       Small
ABS CG WR M                                                                     Medium
ABS CG WR L                                                                       Large
ABS CG WR XP                                                                    Extra Large

Model                                                                                      Size
ABS CG MA S                                                                          Small
ABS CG MA M                                                                         Medium
ABS CG MA L                                                                          Large
ABS CG MA XP                                                                       Extra Large

Model                                                                                     Size
ABS CG EB S                                                                          Small
ABS CG EB M                                                                        Medium
ABS CG EB L                                                                          Large
ABS CG EB XP                                                                       Extra Large