• Dispensing Console

Dispensing Console

TEC 2800-M Embedding Dispensing Console is designed for total efficiency and offers a user-freindly workstation that delivers absolute optimized operation in both hospitals and medical research institutes.

  • Working surface: The tissue embedding cassettes and base mold trays are removable and can be set at  different temperatures. The ergonomic large working surface allows user to process more samples at the same time. The setting knobs offer more precise adjustment of the paraffin flow.
  • All functions on LCD control panle including :

 Temperature of working surface 
 Temperature of molds, cassettes, warming trays 
 Temperature of paraffin reservoir 

  • Weekly automatic On/Off programme.
  • The temperature can be set from ambient temperature to 90deg C and can be adjusted through the control panel.
  • The large peltier cold spot is designed to fit both small and large samples . The temperature range is from room temp. to -5  degree.






  • Nominal supply voltage: 220V±10%, 50hz /110V±10%, 60hz
  • Nominal power : 1200W
  • Working temperature(increments 1℃):    

            Paraffin Tank: form ambient to 90℃
            Cassettes/molds tray: from ambient to  90℃ 
            Working table : from ambient to  90℃ 
            Refrigerating table: from ambient to  -5℃
            Forceps Holder: 65℃ constant 

  • Capacity

 Paraffin reservoir:     6 Lt
 Cassettes/molds tray:   1.4 Lt( 126 cassettes) 

  • Dimensions

 Width:   560mm
 Depth:   640mm
 Height:  400mm

  • Net Weight:  About 26 kgs