Slice samples with Manual Rotary Microtome

Manual Rotary Microtome

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Design Features
  • Spacious magnetized section waste tray 
  • Ergo-handwheel handle 
  • Convenient storage area on top of ithe nstrument 
  • Disposable blade holder with integrated safety finger protection guard 
  • Two handwheel locks: handwheel can be locked at any position 
  • Distortion-resistant base plate ensures optimum overall stability 
  • Both low & high profile disposable blades are usable 
  • Two types of specimen clamp: standard specimen clamp and “C” type specimen clamp 
  • Retraction function: 220μm, could be turned on/off 
  • Extremely smooth running force compensation system


  • Section thickness setting: 0μm~60μm adjustable 
                                             0μm~2μm, in 0.5μm increments;
                                             2μm~10μm, in 1μm increments; 
                                            10μm~20μm, in 2μm increments; 
                                            20μm~60μm, in 5μm increments; 
  • Trimming thickness: 10~50μm adjustable 
  • Retraction range: 150 μm, could be turned off 
  • Maximum specimen size:50×60 x 40 mm or standard cassette 
  • Specimen vertical stroke:70 mm 
  • Specimen horizontal stroke:28 mm 
  • Specimen holder adjusted system: Horizontal orientation: ±8° Vertical orientation: ±8° 
  • Blades holder base repositioning ( left-right) : 50mm 
  • Advanced feed by rotating left handwheel a circle around: 0.35mm 
  • Dimensions: Width: 460 mm (310mm without handwheel) Depth: 575 mm Height : 325 mm