• Digital Refractometers

Digital Refractometers

  • Atago - Palette a (ALPHA)
  • PR-32α: Brix 0-32.0% - PR-101α: Brix 0-45%
  • PR-201α: Brix 0-60.0% - PR-301α : Brix 45.0-90%

The Palette series - digital refractometers, are compact battery operated instruments that can display the measured values of samples quickly with one touch of the START switch.

Accuracy improved to ±0.1%.

The conventional measurement accuracy, ±0.2%, is increased to ±0.1%. The highest accuracy available in a compact model.

External Light Interference (E.L.I.)

Conventionally, digital optical instruments have the potential to display incorrect measurement values if sampling is performed near a window or outdoors where lighting may be too intense. The new E.L.I. technology provides security under these conditions to ensure accurate measurements.

Convenient temperature display

A temperature display function has been added. The temperature is displayed by simply pressing a switch.

User scale feature

The user scale function has been added. Concentrations of various samples can be displayed by setting up a coefficient. Three separate user scales can be entered.

Two-year warranty

The warranty term was one year, but it extended to two yer for Palette alpha under some conditions.

Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) function.

With ATC, there is no need to worry about the measurement temperature

Large, easy to read display.

The large-sized liquid crystal panel makes it easy to read the measured result.

4 modèles palette a (alpha) sont disponibles pour la mesure de différents échantillons

PR-32α PR-101α PR-201α PR-301α
At fruit and vegetable farming orchards
At beverage factoriesfruit juices, coffee, soft drinks, etc.
juice concentrates, etc
At food factoriessoy sauce, various sauces, etc.
syrups, jellies, etc.
seasoning, soups
jams, marmalade, honey, etc.
condensed milk, etc
At fruit and vegetable markets or supermarkets
In Schools or Universities as a course material
At restaurants or food shops


  PR-32α PR-101α PR-201α PR-301α
Measurement Range Brix 0-32.0% Brix 0-45% Brix 0-60.0% Brix 45,0-90%
Minimum Indication Brix 0.1%
Measurement Accuracy Brix ±0.1% (5-40°C) Brix ±0.1% (10-40°C) Brix ±0.1% (10-30°C)
Measurement Temp. 5-40°C ATC 5-40°C ATC
Ambient Temp. 5-40°C 10-40°C
Sample Volume 0.1ml or more
Measurement Time 3 seconds (approx)
Power Supply 006P dry battery (9V)
International Protection Class IP64
Dimensions (WxDxH) 17 x 9 x 4 cm
Weight 300g