• Automatic plate washer

Automatic plate washer

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Plate Washer is a microplate automated washer. It can be programmed according to a specific protocol. In a combination with a microplate reader can be useful to automatize the ELISA washing process. The free program open system allows the operator to run any possible plate washing by setting up the wanted program through its in-built keyboard.

  • User's friendly program
  • All "programmable" parameters
  • Precision dispensing
  • No leakage even with hostile PBS
  • Reliable


Programmability by its own keyboard
Memorization 100 different configurations
Residual volume <3µL
Dispensing accuracy 3% CV with 300µL
Processing Time (full plate) 55 seconds to aspirate/dispense with single or double aspiration
Material in contact with the liquids stainless steel and plastic
Liquid dispenser peristaltic pump
Liquid Aspiration oscillating pump
Display 2 lines with 16 characters per line
Keyboard 17 buttons
Power Requirements 115V or 230V AC, 50-60 Hz
Case painted metal
Measurement 34 x 36 x 18.5 cm
Weight 13 kg



  • Washing volume
  • Delay time before start with between strips
  • Strip selection to start with washing
  • Number of strips to be washed
  • Number of washing cicles for each strip
  • Number of the plate washing cicles
  • Final aspiration for the single strip
  • Plate washing aspiration strating



DAOR971099 Fully automaed strip plate washer