• Fool-proof, no weighing
  • Fast dissolving, just two minutes
  • Environmentally friendly, free of organic solvents
  • Consistent, reproducible gels
  • Enhanced resolution and clarity

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Researchers trust Benchmark’s Agarose LE to meet their electrophoretic needs for a variety of applications. Now the same agarose is available in a convenient, no mess tablet.

Agarose LE is refined in an advanced process that excludes the use of organic solvents. The result is a cleaner end product with significantly reduced environmental impact. The agarose can be used for analyses of nucleic acids from 150 bp to 25kbp, protein electrophoresis and various blotting protocols.

The low EEO of the agarose promotes increased electrophoretic mobility, yielding improved resolution and shorter run times. This also allows macromolecules and larger particles (subcellular fragments, viruses, etc.) to migrate more freely through the gel matrix. The consistently low EEO reduces band distortion (caused by counter flow) that can result from the presence of excessive sulfate-rich negative ions.

The quick dissolving EZ Pack tablet contains 0.5g (500mg) of Agarose LE, eliminating the hands-on time and inaccuracies normally associated with weighing. Use of the tablet is not only convenient and cleaner, it also provides better consistency and reproducibility gel to gel. Gel preparation is simple – add the desired number of tablets to electrophoresis buffer, allow to sit for two minutes and then heat and pour as usual. The resulting gels are highly transparent, have exceptional thermal stability (ensuring safe and easy handling) and exhibit exceptionally low absorption of chemical staining agents.

EZ Pack Agarose Tablets are supplied in convenient blister packs for safe, clean dispensing.

Technical Data
Gel Strength>=1200g/cm² (1%)
>=2500g/cm² (1.5%)
Gel Temperature36°C +/- 1.5°C (1.5%)
Melt Temperature88°C +/- 1.5°C (1.5%)
EEO (-mr)<=0.13
Moisture Content<=10%
RNase/DNaseNone Detected
Protease/EndonucleaseNone Detected
Storage ConditionsRoom Temperature

EZ Chart
Buffer volume required to achieve desired gel strength:
GEL %1 Tab2 Tab3 Tab
0.8 %63 ml125 ml188 ml
1 % 50 ml100 ml150 ml
1.2 %42 ml83 ml125 ml
1.3 %38 ml77 ml115 ml
1.5 %33 ml 67 ml100 ml
1.8 %28 ml56 ml83 ml
2.0%25 ml50 ml75 ml