Heat & Cool Thermal Mixer IIHeat & Cool Thermal Mixer IIHeat & Cool Thermal Mixer IIHeat & Cool Thermal Mixer II

Heat & Cool Thermal Mixer II

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Mixing and Temperature Control for small samples

Heat/Cool Thermal Mixers are ideal for heating, cooling, and shaking samples. Each unit has a large intuitive touch screen, interchangeable auto-recognized blocks to fit most laboratory consumables, multiple modes for increased process performance and a large and accurate temperature and mixing range. These thermal mixers are programmable and capable of thermocycling with up to 5 temperature and mixing speeds steps or they can be operated at single temperature and speed setpoints. Ideal for buffer prep, stability testing, small scale culturing, isolating nucleic acids, preparing proteins, and RNA extraction or DNA extraction.


  • Large Color Touch Screen
  • Programmable heating, cooling, and mixing sequences
  • Intuitive navigation and programming
  • Interchangeable, auto-recognized blocks
  • Up to five independent programmable steps
  • Super accurate calibration
  • Steps can be repeated in the repeat mode
  • Easy to remove heating/cooling blocks
  • Better performance than competitor units
  • Supplied with 270811 Block
  • Blocks 270818, 270819 and 270820 include a lid


Extraction, expression, labeling, cloning, purification and analysis of proteins, DNA, Plasmids, RNA, from gels, magnetic beads, tissue, or biological samples

  • Stability testing
  • Isolating RNA
  • Protein preparation
  • DNA/RNA extraction

Block Options

  • 270810 - Thermal Mixer Block, (24) x 0.5mL Tubes
  • 270811 - Thermal Mixer Block, (24) x 1.5mL Tubes
  • 270812 - Thermal Mixer Block, (24) x 2.0mL Tubes
  • 270813 - Thermal Mixer Block, (8) x 5.0mL Tubes
  • 270814 - Thermal Mixer Block, (24) x 12mm Tubes
  • 270815 - Thermal Mixer Block, (24) Cyro Tubes
  • 270816 - Thermal Mixer Block, (8) x 15mL Conical Tubes
  • 270817 - Thermal Mixer Block, (4) x 50mL Conical Tubes
  • 270818 - Thermal Mixer Block & Lid, Standard/Deepwell Microplates
  • 270819 - Thermal Mixer Block, 96-Well PCR Plates
  • 270820 - Thermal Mixer Block, 384-Well PCR Plates
  • 270821 - Thermal Mixer Block Lid 
Capacity 0.5ml tubes to 50ml tubes (block dependent)
Block Included with Unit 1.5ml x 24 tubes
Dimensions W x D x H (in)9 x 13 x 5.3
Dimensions W x D x H (cm) 23 x 33 x 13.5
Speed Range (rpm) 0, 250 to 3000
Speed Setting Increments (rpm)50
Timer 0 - 99 Hours 59 Min 59 seconds / ∞
Operation Temperature Range10°C to 30°C
Temperature Range15°C below ambient to 100°C
Heat Up Rate (Selectable)5°C/Min, 2°C/Min, 1°C/Min
Cooling Rate (Fixed) Above Ambient Below Ambient3°C/Min - 1.5°C/Min
Temperature Accuracy 20°C to 40°C < 20°C and >40°C+/- 0.2°C +/- 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity 20°C to 40°C±0.3°C
Temperature Setting ±0.1°C / 1.0°C to 99°C
CalibrationYes - Easy 4 point
Electrical ApprovalPower pack UL, UL Canada, and CE approved
Shipping Weight25 lbs. / 11.34 kg