Microtome Blades

Microtome Blades

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Encore™ makes it easy.
Encore blades offer other advantages that can help simplify the cutting process.
No Wiping
Our proprietary coating process results in blades that require no wiping prior to use and need minimal roughing in.
Angle Adjusting
Encore blades are manufactured to optimum thickness (.010”) with precise edge geometry. In fact, when switching from an Accu-Edge blade, there’s no need for angle adjustment.
Less Blade Changing
Our research indicates that Encore blades can produce quality, consistent cuts for as many as 45-50% more turns than the Accu-Edge® blade. Switch to Encore from Accu-Edge without an angle adjustment in your microtome. Less blade changing improves productivity and saves you time and money in the long run.


Blade Comparison
Edge geometry comparisonThe Difference. Our Advantage
Years of research and testing have revealed that the New Encore Microtome blade has a 32% sharper blade edge and has 48% longer blade life over Accu-Edge®. Both blades have identical tip angles (cutting edge). However, Encore’s first and second grind angles are the difference–they are less steep providing a sturdier base of support for the cutting edge, which creates improved durability.

We’ve even improved Encore’s coating. So the advantages become clear – longer blade life equals fewer blade changes. Fewer blade changes equal a more productive lab.


Cat. No.DescriptionDimensions
#7380Encore Low Profile80 x 8mm
#7390Encore High Profile80 x 14mm