Filtration boxesFiltration boxes

Filtration boxes

  • Erlab’s filtration system removes harmful fumes produced by products stored in the safety cabinet and combines inhalation and fire protection.
  • Erlab filtration boxes can be fitted to flammable safety cabinets and storage cabinets with an air exhaust diameter of 50, 80 or 100 mm / 2, 3, or 4 inches.
  • The boxes operate on the principle of filtered air recirculation. They help to clean the ambient air in the laboratory.
  • They are standalone units which are fitted to safety cabinets using a single hose and plug into an electrical outlet.

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Protect yourself from the risk of fume inhalation

Erlab filtration boxes allow laboratories to equip a safety cabinet with inhalation protection. Now compatible with many safety cabinets (Asecos, Duperthal, etc.)**, they can be fitted to cabinets with an air exhaust diameter of 50, 80 or 100 mm / 2, 3, or 4 inches. They capture harmful fumes produced by products stored in the cabinet*. The unit employs recirculating filtered air, which helps promote continuous ambient air. They require no ventilation connections and can be connected quickly and simply by attaching a hose to your safety cabinet.

A range of advantages

Safety - The ultimate defense against hazardous pollution

Connected to a safety storage cabinet, Erlab’s configurable filtration system can be adjusted to filter vapors, solvents, powders, and particles, protecting the user and the laboratory by reliably and effectively cleaning the air in the room, removing toxic and dangerous vapors and odors. New, optional sensors can be added to detect solvents, acids, or formaldehyde.

Adaptability - The logical addition to your cabinet

Erlab filtration boxes are fully compatible with many safety cabinets. Designed to be standalone units, Erlab filtration boxes are fitted with a flexible, adjustable air duct allowing easy connection to your cabinet’s air outlet, whether at the top, the bottom, or under the bench. There are many ways to connect them to the cabinet.

Filtration - The filtration box helps to clean the air in the laboratory

Filtering the air inside the storage cabinet, it captures toxic vapors at the source and circulates pure air throughout the laboratory, thereby contributing to a better and safer work environment.

Simplicity - Set up, plug in, get to work

It’s easy to transport, install, store, and change the filter. We’ve thought of everything to make your filtration box an integral addition to your cabinet. It is very simple to install. Designed to be an additional standalone filtration system for your cabinet, it requires no exhaust ducts and no connections other than to the power supply.

Connectivity - A high level of user protection

SMART technology, which is built into Erlab filtration boxes, offers security for users. This highly efficient light-based communication interface keeps them informed of the operational status of their filtration boxes in real time, using various light and sound signals to indicate:

  • Filter saturation level
  • Ventilation settings


H402 : for high or low flammable safety cabinets and storage cabinets.

V201 : for under-bench flammable safety cabinets and storage cabinets.

External width (mm / in)482 / 19245 / 95/8
External depth (mm / in)451 / 173/4554 / 213/4
Heights of standalone (mm / in)326 / 123/8632 / 247/8
Air flow (m3/h / CFM)60 m3/h / 35 CFM35 m3 /h - 21 CFM
Safety StandardsFiltration performances tested according to the AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 standard : France EN 1822: 1998 (HEPA H14) - CE Marking EN 61010
Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz)110 - 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption (Watts)2015
Flexible PVC pipe (meter / feet)1 m / 3’ 1’’1 m / 3,3 feet
PVC fitting50 to 100 mm / 2 to 4 in50 to 100 mm / 2 to 4 in