Mitigating airborne transmission of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, pollution

Laboratory Air Filtration System

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A never-before seen solution for removing the noxious odors in your laboratory

H14 medical-grade HEPA filters capacity and efficiency is only part of the HALO’s effectiveness, engineering, design and placement are critical for equivalent air change rates (eACH) increased ventilation effectiveness, and improved room mixing. The delicate balance of all these key factors is what makes HALO the standard in indoor air quality.. Halo is continuously pulling the dirty air in the lab through the filter, adsorbing the molecules that cause noxious odors, and returning clean air back to the room through low-disruptive side vents. The laboratory-grade molecular filtration system contains Neutrodine, a unique and powerful activated carbon mixture combined with a pre-filter that captures a large variety of airborne fumes and odors, which left untreated, could represent a potential health hazard.

Three square feet of filtration media. The largest for a self-sustainable air filtration system

Erlab’s HALO provides three square feet of filtration media the only high capacity filter in the industry capable of treating large volumes of air with a unique airflow pattern that ensures proper diffusion of particles with predictable airflow patterns.

Halo is easily installed in the ceiling - no need to connect to your HVAC. Multiple units can be installed to increase the coverage area. A soft band of light assures the occupants of the lab that the air is clean. When the LED lights slowly pulse, Halo is letting you know that it is sensing and capturing fugitive emissions. You can easily check the status, change the setting, or check for routine maintenance via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Healthier air with considerable savings
  • Simple to install and use - no need to connect to your HVAC
  • Easy access panel for quick filter changes
  • BACnet capable
  • Network the units to monitor remotely
  • Benefit from the exclusive Erlab warranties

50 years of research into air filtration technology

The most advanced air filtration technology in the world, developed over 50 years by Erlab for chemical and biological laboratories, is now available to everyone. The Halo filters molecules, pathogenic particles, and PM 2.5 which pose the greatest risk to your health and well-being.

Above the breathing zone is the perfect, most effective placement.

Whether it’s airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, or generalized pollution, the smaller most harmful particles propagate above the breathing zone remaining suspended for hours. With the Halo placed above the breathing zone, these harmful pollutants are drawn up and away from occupants to ensure there is no redistribution exposing occupants from a downflow, or horizontal airflow pattern. Up and away is where the particles should be kept.

    4 versions for to meet your specific needs
    Halo Smart continuously evaluates the air quality in your laboratory and filters noxious chemicals to help keep the air in your laboratory clean. 
    Available in 4 versions for the treatment of numerous vapors and fumes. When it detects noxiuos fumes, Halo's light will pulse to let you know that is is capturing the fumes and returning clean, filtered air back to the room.
    ApplicationsDetects and filters volatile organic compoundsDetects and filters a wide array of pollutants Detects and filters acidsDetects and filters  Formaldehyde vapors
    CFM220 m3/h
    Operating Modes24/24h , Day/Night, Alert
    Ventilation controlThe Smart light technology pulses to indicate the status of the ventilation
    Pre filtrationparticulate prefilter 
    SensorsSemiconductor for VOCsSemiconductor of a wide array of pollutantsElectro-chemical sensor for acidsElectro-chemical 
    sensor for 
    User InterfaceSmart-Light provides simple communication by LED pulsation system
    e-Guard appDowload for remote control and monitoring 
    Ports1 x Ethernet Por
    InstallationHung via 4 eye bolts (included) or Threaded Rod (not included)
    Weight68 lbs - 31 kg (including filter)
    Voltage / Frequency80-240V 50/60hz
    Energy consumption50W