• Babcock Centrifuges

Babcock Centrifuges

The Garver Babcock 200 series has been specially designed to put testing on a scientific basis at a popular price. All models are constructed of cast aluminum for long life, are dynamically balanced to ensure smooth operation, and run at a regulation motor speed acceptable in all continents. Features include a thermostat when manually set will automatically maintain the correct temperature, dual switches for motor and heater, a thermometer with mounting, and a pilot light which alerts the operator whenever the heater is active. The dual switches and pilot light are contained in a cast aluminum housing mounted on top of the tester. Also included is a visiscope speed indicator. The 200 series will hold glassware 6.5” max height by 1.5” max diameter.



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Cat. No. Description
208 Babcock Centrifuges Model 208
212 Babcock Centrifuges Model 212
224 Babcock Centrifuges Model 224


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