Breast Phantom Simulator

Breast Phantom Simulator

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The left breast permits ultrasound identification of cysts versus dense masses, while the right breast permits identification of cysts of different sizes and depths.

Left and right breasts attach to the adult upper torso.


  • Visualize cysts and masses using REAL ultrasound equipment
  • Learn to do ultrasound-guided needle aspiration in a relaxed environment before moving on to actual patients
  • The left breast contains six dense masses and three cysts randomly oriented
  • Realistic texture and look
  • Self-Healing skin
  • Breasts are easily removed and assembled
  • Use in either the upright or reclining position
  • Medium skin tone standard
  • Light or dark skin tone optional at no extra cost
  • Soft carrying bag
  • User Guide, containing technical information on how to care for and maintain the simulator