• Newborn CPR Patient Simulator

Newborn CPR Patient Simulator

Trauma Care


Product Description
Disposable airway Realistic chest rise Realistic chest cavity
Ten totally disposable airways to practice hygienic mouth-to-mouth ventilation. Realistic chest rise during ventilations. Realistic chest cavity provides anatomic landmark as well as chest compliance.
CPR Brachial pulse Femoral pulse
Practice compressions and airway ventilation. Bilateral brachial, right femoral, and left posterior tibial pulses. Multiple arterial pulse sites.


  • Fully articulating head and jaw with tongue
  • SAFE CPR™ individual disposable airways to practice hygienic mouth-to-mouth ventilation
  • Airway blocked when head is forward
  • Easily accessible chest cavity with molded ribcage, lungs, and heart
  • Realistic chest rise during ventilation
  • Arterial pulse points
  • Soft, lifelike faceskin with molded hair
  • T-shirt and shorts
  • Instruction manual
  • Custom nylon carrying bag