Mini Personal Centrifuge for clinical applicationsMini Personal Centrifuge

Mini Personal Centrifuge

  • Available in two colors i.e., green, blue
  • Easy-to-use with dual start/stop function
  • Maximum speed 7000rpm/2680xg

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D1008 centrifuges are ideal for microfiltration and quick spin-downs from the walls and caps of microcentrifuge tubes. The compact design takes up less than six inches of bench space. Easy open clear colored lids are available in two colors. Simply close the lid for acceleration and open the lid for deceleration, or alternatively use the on/off switch.

  • Rotor change without tools
  • cTUVus approved for UL and CSA
  • Maximum speed 7000rpm/2680xg
  • Supplied with an 8 place 1.5/2.0ml microtube rotor and PCR rotor
  • Compact design
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Ideal for quick spin-downs of microtubes and PCR tubes
  • Simply close the lid for acceleration and close the lid for deceleration, or use the on/off switch 
  • Universal voltage
D1008 EZee Mini-Centrifuges Specifications
Max. Speed/RCFxg7000 rpm/2680 xg
Capacity8 x 1.5/2.0ml microtubes. (8 x 0.5/8 x 0.2ml tubes using adapters)
Run Time30 secs to 99 mins Timer or Continuous Operation
Dimensions(W) 6 × (L) 6 × (H) 5 inches
Weight2.1 lbs


D1008 EZee Mini-Centrifuges Ordering Information:
Catalog No.Description
91003141D1008 EZee Blue Mini-Centrifuge,
c/w 1.5/2ml 8-Place Rotor & PCR 8 x 2 Rotor and Cover, 100-240V/50Hz/60Hz
91004141D1008 EZee Green Mini-Centrifuge,
c/w 1.5/2ml 8-Place Rotor & PCR 8 x 2 Rotor, 100-240V/50Hz/60Hz 


D1008 EZee Mini-Centrifuges Accessories
Catalog No.Description
192003050.2ml rotor adapters, 8pcs/pk
192003060.5ml rotor adapters, 8pcs/pk



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