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Diamond® RV-PettePro™ Repeat Volume Pipettor

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Diamond® RV-PettePro™ Repeat Volume Pipettor

The Dimaond® RV-Pette Pro™ and matching RV-Pette Pro™ Dispenser Syringe Tips provide flexibility and accuracy when pipetting in series. Used in combination, the RV-PettePro™ pipettor and syringe tips offer 120 dispensing volume options to meet the demands, protocols and practices for nearly all users.

The light weight ergonomic design makes the RV-PettePro™ Repeat Volume Pipettor the right choice for efficient and comfortable pipetting during repeat dispensing procedures. The pipettor is manufactured to DIN EN ISO 8655 requirements to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simplicity - One hand adjustment of tip volume and dosing volumes both of which are clearly indicated in a vision pane on the pipettor
  • Flexibility - Accomodates 12 tip sizes and has 10 adjustments for 120 dispensing volume options
  • Compatibility - Designed for RV-Pette Pro™ dispenser tips and also compatible with tips from most manufacturers, including Eppendorf® Combitips®, Combitips Plus®, and Combitips Advanced®
  • Reliability - Maintenance free design requires no batteries or charging and top quality materials are resistant to most chemicals

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Item NumberDescription
3917RV-Pette PRO Repeat Volume Pipette (Uses Dispenser Tips # 3920 - 3931)