Aquasnap free ATP test

Aquasnap free ATP test

  • Simple, quick and easy to use
  • Snap-Valve™ technology - snap & squeeze
  • Honeycomb-shaped collection tip (100 µl)

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AquaSnap™ Free measures ATP that is free in solution.

The difference between Total and Free ATP provides a measure of microbial contamination in the sample.

AquaSnap Free is a user-friendly, self-contained ATP water sampling device used with the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus . EnSURE luminometers.

This pen-sized sample collection device is easy to use, and collects 100 µl of water in the honeycomb-shaped dipper.

Aquasnap Free uses a liquid-stable reagent in place of the freeze-dried enzymes giving it superior reproducibility and sensitivity.

The device contains a detergent to release ATP that is bound to microbial or organic matter and inside microbes. AquaSnap is easy to use, economical, and gives real time results. The specifically designed dipper tip collects 100 µl of water ensuring consistent sample collection.

Residues, particularly food or organic residue, contain large amounts of ATP. When left on a surface, residues can harbor and grow bacteria, cause cross-contamination, develop biofilm and many other problems that can compromise product quality.  After cleaning, all sources of ATP should be significantly reduced. When ATP is brought into contact with Hygiena's unique, liquid-stable reagent, light is emitted in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present. The system measures the amount of light generated and provides information on the level of contamination in seconds.

ATP Testing for Water Cleanliness Verification

AquaSnap free is quick, portable, and easy-to-use. Just collect your sample, activate and place it in your Hygiena instrument for cleanliness results in 15 seconds. The handheld instrument and pen-sized swab device are easily portable and don't require any bulky lab equipment, making AquaSnap the ideal solution for testing water cleanliness abroad.

Better design gives better results

The honeycomb-shaped dipper tip used with AquaSnap collects exactly 100µl of sample, making sure you are collecting the same amount every time. Other ATP water tests use a swab designed for surface sample collection which causes large sample variation. Surface swabs are pre-moistened with an extractant, so the absorption rate will vary based on how much sample can be absorbed. In addition, the extractant will be lost when first dipped into the sample. AquaSnap's honey dipper collection tip eliminates these issues providing more accurate results.

Liquid-stable chemistry

AquaSnap contains liquid-stable chemistry in the patented Snap-Valve™ bulb. This unique chemistry and design eliminates the need to reconstitute lyophilized pellets, enabling consistent results.

The chemistry in AquaSnap is a high power, ultra-sensitive formulation to deliver precise results for low levels of ATP. AquaSnap's chemistry is robust and resistant to harsh samples or sanitizer effects.


  • Self-contained, liquid-stable reagent
  • Write-on swab label
  • Bottle of ATP extractant
  • 100 tests per case
  • Unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility
  • Tolerant to temperature abuse
  • Collects 100 µl of sample - no pipetting
  • Results in seconds
  • Costs up to 50% less than competitors' ATP water tests
  • No reagent wastage
  • Consistent, reliable results
  • Shelf Life: up to 12 month at refrigerated temperatures (2-8ºC) or 4 weeks room temperature (21-25ºC)