Transport Swab - sample collection

Transport Swab - sample collection

  • Hygiena - Transport Swab HTS-10, HTS-4

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Transport Swab

Transport Swab is the ideal solution for customers requiring an environmental sample collection device containing more than 1 mL of pre-filled liquid broth. For a 1mL collection device see Q-Swab. Transport Swab is available in 4 mL & 10 mL volumes. The pre-filled bottles come sterilized and with ample head space for additional samples. The swab tip sits in the letheen broth which allows for the release of organisms from the swab bud. Transport Swab makes sample collection efficient and easy; simply swab a surface, recap, and send it to the lab.

Key Benefits

More Broth for High-volume Samples

All-in-One Sample Collection System

Perfect for Plates or Dried Media Film

100% Recyclable