Inoculation Loops

Inoculation Loops

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Precision manufacturing for perfect inoculation
  • Rapid Cooling.
  • Consistent and reproducible results.
  • Accurately calibrated with Evans Blue dye test.
  • Certificate of Calibration supplied with Calibrated Loops.
  • 1µl and 10µl.


Ordering information
Catalog NumberDescriptionQuantity Per Unit
Inoculating Loops with 8” Insulated Handles
4030-3152Small Loop, 2mm, 26G.Each
4030-3153Medium Loop, 3mm, 26G.Each
4030-3154Large Loop, 4mm, 26G.Each
Inoculating Needles
4030-3325Needle, 3", 25G. (no handle)12 / Package
4030-3060Needle with 8" Insulated Handle, 24 G.Each
Loops Holders
4030-5010Insulated Brass Holder 6"Each
4030-5000Insulated Brass Holder 8"Each
Loop Calibration Gauge
4030-7020Q.C. Loop Gauge for 0.001 ml loopsEach
4030-7010Q.C. Loop Gauge for 0.01 ml loopsEach
Inoculating Loop (Loops Only, No Handle)
4030-3512Small Loop, 2mm, 26 G. (Nichrome)12 / Package
4030-3513Medium Loop, 3mm, 26 G. (Nichrome)12 / Package
4030-3514Large Loop, 4mm, 26 G. (Nichrome)12 / Package
4030-3515Extra Large Loop, 5mm, 26 G. (Nichrome)12 / Package
Calibrated Inoculating Loops
4030-3730Individual Loop, 0.001mL (Nichrome) w/6" handleEach
4080-MW195CIndividual Loop, 0.001mL, 26 G. (Nichrome),no handleEach
4030-3830Individual Loop, 0.001mL, 26 G. (Platinum),no handleEach
4030-3740Individual Loop, 0.01mL (Nichrome) w/6" handleEach
4080-MW190CIndividual Loop, 0.01mL, 26 G. (Nichrome),no handleEach
4030-3840Individual Loop, 0.01mL, 19 G. (Platinum),no handleEach
Disposable Loops/Needles
4242-L200-3Disposable Needle, White1000 / Case
4242-L200-2Disposable Loop 0.01ml, Yellow1000 / Case
4242-L200-1Disposable Loop 0.001ml, Blue1000 / Case
4242-L300Disposable Colony Spreader, Individual pouch100 / Case
Teesing Needles & TB Spade Instruments
4030-4000Teesing Needle (Straight)Each
4030-4010Teesing Needle (Angular 45 Degree)Each
4030-7000TB SpadeEach