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Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers

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Temperature & Humidity Control Range
Safety Features
  • Completed photostability test alarm.
  • Built-in door lock.
  • Automatic shut off after overheating alarm.
  • Low and empty water level alarm.
  • Power supply leakage breaker.
  • Over current protection.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Door open alarm.
Operating Features
  • Microprocessor PID control / Auto-tuning / Calibration.
  • User-friendly LCD controller.
    • Set value and present value are clearly visible together on display.
    • Operating progression visible in graph mode allows for direct data interpretation.
    • Temperature and other operating parameters were recorded with the use of an optional recorder. (optional)
  • Sufficient programmable control support.
Programmable Pattern Capacity10
Pattern Repeat Time999
Max. Segments per a Pattern100
Available Max. Segments*10
Programmable Process Time per a Segment0 to 99 hr 59 min
* Even though the max. segments per pattern are 100, and available total segments are up to 300, not 3000, so you need to arrange the number of segments and patterns properly.


  • Computer interface
    • RS-485 communication port enables connection of up to maximum 9 units. Simultaneous monitoring and operating of multiple units is an available feature. (optional)
    • Program patterns are simple to set with the use of our software.
    • Storage of program information, backup of value settings/recovery, and temperature values.
    • RS-232C port as a standard offer.
Constructional Features
  • Two different-sized models available to suit any user’s needs
  • Rapid humidity control is achieved by adapting the humidification tank interior to the chamber.
  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel chamber and electric polished humidification tank.
  • Air-tight door closure with perfect sealed packing.
    • Heat-resistant silicone packing completely blocks high heat leakage from the inner chamber.
  • Cable port for external probes or wires.
    • 50mm diameter cable port comes standard on the left side of the unit. Additional 50mm or 80mm diameter cable ports can be custom ordered. (optional)
  • Inner glass door with entry ports for handling samples without affecting inner chamber temperature and humidity. (optional)
  • Casters for easy mobility during installation or relocation.
Features for Stability Test ICH Guideline Q1A (R2)
  • Operating progression is visible through graph mode for better data analysis.
  • Cyclic defrost system, designed to work excellently for the long period stability test operation. (* Temperature and humidity changes may occur during the automatic defrost.)
  • Maintenance of water supply is easily performed with a front water tank.
    • Water level check indicated by water level bar in the tank.
  • Water supply during operation is also available for long-term test purposes.
  • A direct water system provides users great convenience when performing the long-term test. (optional)
Features for Photostability Test ICH GuidelineQ1B(Option 2)
  • Built-in UV and fluorescent lamps for uniformed luminescence.
  • Equipped with movable UV and VIS sensors.
  • Independent lamp controller.
    • An indicator for Total usage time of UV and fluorescent lamps.
  • The convenient set function of cumulative dosage and lamp Off.


Chamber Volume (L / cu ft)300 / 10.6760 / 26.8
ControllerPID control (LCD Type)
Temperature 1)Rangewithout Humidity (℃ / oF)-5 to 85 / 23 to 185 without Light
0 to 85 / 32 to 185 with Light
with Humidity (℃ / oF)+15 to 85 / 59 to185 with Light
Fluctuation 1) (±℃ / oF) at 40℃ / 60%RH0.3 / 0.550.3 / 0.55
Variation 1) (±℃ / oF) at 40℃ / 60%RH0.5 / 0.90.7 / 1.3
HumidityRange (%RH)FULL RANGE : 20 to 85
40 to 80 at 15℃ (59oF)
30 to 85 at 30℃ (86oF)
20 to 85 at 50℃ to 85℃ (122oF to 185oF)
Fluctuation 2) (±%RH) at 60%RH / 40℃3
Variation 2) (±%RH) at 60%RH / 40℃5
Light Source
(ICH Q1B option 2)
Cool White 3)6,000 lux6,500 lux
Ultraviolet-A 3)4.5 W/㎡5 W/㎡
Light UniformityVIS. : ±10% UVA : ±15%VIS. : ±15% UVA : ±15%
Typical Time Required to Reach ICH Recommendation of 1.2 million lux-hr≒ 200Hr≒ 184Hr
Typical Time Required to Reach ICH Recommendation of 200 W-hr/m2≒ 50Hr≒ 40Hr
TimeHeating 4)25min (20℃ → 85℃)30min (20℃ → 85℃)
Cooling 4)35min (20℃ → -5℃)40min (20℃ → -5℃)
RefrigerationSystemAir - cooled
RefrigerantR- 404A
Capacity (W)250470
CoolerCopper plate fin cooler
HeaterMaterialNi-Cr Wire Heater / SUS Tube Heater
Drying Bulb (W)15002300
Humidity Bulb (W)12002000
SensorTemperaturePt 100
HumidityElectronic sensor (Free of drying a wet pack and good response time)
Air Flow2 set of sirocco fan (2×60 W) : Vertical type
MaterialInternalSUS #304 (2B polish)
ExternalSUS #304 (Hairline finish) & Steel, 2t, Double painted & baked
InsulationPolyurethane (70mm / 2.76")
DoorEPDM Sheet
Operating Temperature18℃ to 30℃ / 64.4oF to 56oF, 85%RH (Non-corrosive and pure place)
Water TankCapacity (L / cu ft)15 / 0.53
Water QualitypH6.2 ~ 7.2, Electrical conductivity 20㎲ / cm to below
Interface PortBasically RS-232C, [RS-485 : optional]
Cable PortBasically one hole provided / Ø 50mm (2"),Optionally max. two holes available / Ø 50 or 80mm (2 or 3.2")
Quantity of Wire Shelves (included / max.)2 / 82 / 17
Distance of between Shelves (mm / inch)60 /2.4
Internal (mm / inch)750×650×650 / 29.5×25.6×25.6750×880×1160 / 29.5×34.6×45.7
External (mm / inch)1130×985×1520 / 44.5×38.8×59.81220×1215×1965 / 48×47.8×77.4
Net Weight (kg / lbs)280±10 / 617±22400±10 / 882±22
Electrical RequirementsAC230V, 1ph, 60Hz15.4 A24.5 A
AC230V, 1ph, 50Hz14.7 A23.5 A

1) All specifications are under ambient temperature 20℃ (68oF), No load.
2) Technical data according to DIN 12880, IEC 60068.
3) The value is measured on the center of chamber at the point of vertical direction.
4) Up to 98% of the set value.


Accessories & Options
Viewing Window
  • An observation window is only installed in the floor type chambers.
Inner Door
  • An inner glass door comes installed with the clean temperature & humidity chamber for quick viewing of samples and to prevent outside air from flowing in. (Table top - without hand entry ports.)
Temperature and Humidity Recorder
  • 6-point dot type recorder.
  • Digital display.
Water Supply
  • Water supply system for supplying pure water for humidification.
    • Maintenance of the water tank can be easily performed from the front side.
Cable Port
  • A through hole of 50 or 80mm dia. (2.0 or 3.2˝ dia.) is provided on the wall of chamber to allow electrical cables to be intro-duced into the chamber. A 50mm hole is provided, maximum two holes (50 or 80mm) are optional.
Water Purifier
  • Water purifier with reverse osmosis membrane. (optional)
  • Wire and perforated type shelves (shelf brackets included) are made of durable stainless steel. Standard shelves and shelf brackets come standard.
Warning Signal Light
  • A malfunction indicator can be placed on the right upper side.
Floor Standing Chambers
  • □ Included ○ Optional
Cat. No.DescriptionTH-TGTH-ICHTH-CR
AAA8T500Recorder (6 points)
AAA8T505Recorder (Digital, 6 channels)
AAA8T541Interface Converter RS-485C -> 232C Included a Cable (5m / 16.4ft)
AAA8T542Interface Cable (5m / 16.4ft)
AAA80550Warning Signal Lamp
AAA81552Inner Glass Door for TH-G / I / KH-180---
AAA81551Inner Glass Door for TH-G / I / KH-300, 408, CR-270---
AAA81550Inner Glass Door for TH-G -800, 1000---
AAAC2501Inner Glass Door for TH-TG-180--
AAAC2502Inner Glass Door for TH-TG-300, 408--
AAAC2503Inner Glass Door for TH-TG-800, 1000--
AAA81554Inner Glass Door for TH-ICH-300--
AAA81555Inner Glass Door for TH-ICH-800--
EDA8212Wire Shelf for TH - G / I / KH- 180---
EDA8213Wire Shelf for TH - G/ I / KH - 300 ---
EDA8214Wire Shelf for TH - G / I / KH- 408 ---
EDA8215Wire Shelf for TH - G - 800---
EDA8216Wire Shelf for TH - G - 1000---
RTD1302Wire Shelf for TH-TG-180--
RTD1303Wire Shelf for TH-TG -300--
RTD1300Wire Shelf for TH-TG-408--
RTD1304Wire Shelf for TH-TG-800--
RTD1301Wire Shelf for TH-TG-1000--
RTD1305Wire Shelf for TH-G / TG-1500--
RTD1196Wire Shelf for TH-ICH -300--
RTD1198Wire Shelf for TH-ICH -800--
STT1040Wire Shelf for TH-CR-270 --
AAA80602-1Perforated Shelf for TH - G / I / KH - 180 ---
AAA80602-2Perforated Shelf for TH - G/ I / KH - 300 ---
AAA80602-3Perforated Shelf for TH - G / I /KH - 408 ---
AAA80602-4Perforated Shelf for TH - G - 800 ---
AAA80602-5Perforated Shelf for TH - G - 1000 ---
AAA80604-11Perforated Shelf for TH-TG-180--
AAA80604-12Perforated Shelf for TH-TG -300--
AAA80604-13Perforated Shelf for TH-TG-408--
AAA80604-14Perforated Shelf for TH-TG-800--
AAA80604-15Perforated Shelf for TH-TG-1000--
AAA80604-2Perforated Shelf for TH-ICH -300--
AAA80604-4Perforated Shelf for TH-ICH -800--
AAA80630-1Perforated Shelf for TH-CR-270 --
AAA8T610Cable Port (Ø 50mm / 2")
AAA8T611Cable Port (Ø 80mm / 3.2")
AAA8T621Water Purifier
AAA80622Water Cartridge Tank-
CFA7113Humidity Sensor
CFA1185Temperature Sensor (RTD type) for TH-G/I/KH---
CFA1923Temperature Sensor (RTD type) for TH-TG/ICH/CR
RTD1190Fluorescent Lamp(Cool White) for TH-ICH-300--
RTD1191Fluorescent Lamp(Cool White) for TH-ICH-800--
RTD1188UVA Lamp for TH-ICH-300--
RTD1189UVA Lamp for TH-ICH-800--
AAA80680THE-680 UV Sensor TH-ICH--
AAA80681THE-681 Illumination Sensor for TH-ICH--
EDA9175ULPA filter--
EDA9184HEPA Filter (1EA included)--
AAA80620Direct Water System