• Water activity meter

Water activity meter


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Do you wish to measure water activity without requiring a lot of resources?

Or do you not require a meticulously precise or reproducible aw-value identification for your product? If yes, the LabStart is the ideal water activity meter for you.

This meter is developed for users new to water activity measurements and of course also uses the proven Novasina technology, our resistive-electrolytical sensor.


Reusable SAL-T verification standards
Simple starter-level water activity meter
Stable base-plate to prevent tipping
User-friendly design


Measurement Specifications

  Water Activity Temperature
Measurement Principle Resistive Electrolytic Surface-IR and NTC
Measurement Range 0.03……1.00aw 15……30°C (59……86°F)
Calibration Range 0.33……0.75aw N/A
Resolution 0.01aw   0.1°C
Accuracy +/-0.03aw within cal. range +/-0.15°C
Precision +/-0.01aw within cal. range* +/-0.1°C
Repeatability +/-0.01aw within cal. range* N/A
Temperature Control no temperature control available
Calibration Points (%rH) 33%, 75%    
*As long as temperature remains constant between different measurements



Versions   N/A  
Current Supply 5 VDC, +/-6%, max. power consumption 10W
Power Supply / Mains 90……264 VAC 50/60 Hz
Display   LC-display, dimension: 35x69 mm
Communication none  
Housing Two-part PC/ABS housing, Weight: 1.2kg Dimensions (L x W x H)= 225 x 140 x 85 mm
Volume measurement chamber 15mL  
Dimensions Sample Cup Diameter 30mm x Height 14mm
Protection Class IP22  
21CFR 11   Not Compliant