• Temperature Controlled Freezing Stage for Microtomes

Temperature Controlled Freezing Stage for Microtomes

Physitemp’s new addition to their line of temperature controlled freezing stages incorporates several innovative features. The controller is designed around a new generation of switching power supplies which are smaller and lighter than the older BFS supplies. The supplies are overrated 100% to ensure cool operation and continuous service.

Safety features include overtemperature alarm with power shut down in the event of inadequate flow of cooling water or overuse of the thaw feature.

  • Frozen tissue sections from most microtomes
  • Fast freezing preserves cell detail
  • Freeze to temperatures as low as -40°C
  • Temperature adjustable for optimum cutting
  • Quick thaw for easy cleanup
  • No CO2 needed-minimal cost to run
Innovative new stage design
  • An etched grid on top plate promotes better adhesion of frozen sample.
  • Thinner stage design reduces the need for a knife raising block.
  • Waterways inside the stage are redesigned to create a single passage to improve heat transfer and reduce potential for blockage.
  • Single large peltier module results in uniform temperature across the entire surface of the stage.
  • Redesigned mounting hardware facilitates the direct attachment of blocks or posts to the underside of the stage and a new adapter plate system allows mounting on a variety of different microtomes.


Safety features
  • Controller incorporates fan assisted internal cooling to maintain low internal component temperatures
  • Continuous display of both set and run temperatures
  • Simple digital temperature control set-up
  • Auxiliary switched AC output for accessories (see options).
  • P.I.D. microprocessor based temperature controller with autotuning feature and feedback sensor breakage alarm. Adjustable feet provide convenient viewing angle for display.


Technical features
  • 110 to 230V AC operation
  • Temperature control to within 0.5°C in the range of -40°C to ambient.
  • Thaw switch to quickly release frozen samples.


Optional Accessories
  • Water Pump and Tank Unit
  • In-Line Sediment Water Filter