Glove box with nitrogen

Glove box with nitrogen

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Our nitrogen Dry Box is a completely enclosed chamber which is ideal for working in a preferred atmosphere. Inert gases like Argon, Nitrogen, and Plasma are easily maintained. It is compact, portable, and lightweight. The design makes is easyily moveable from lab to lab. Everything you need is included with the unit. All you need is your gas of choice and research or production materials.

  • Formed one piece clear acrylic top
  • Matched die molded thermoset white bottom
  • Two vacuum pressure pumps, one each for transfer chamber and drying train
  • Drying train includes polycarbonate canisters containing DesiSphereTM
  • All controls are illuminated
  • Bright fluorescent light system
  • White ambidextrous Hypalon gloves
  • Hospital grade multiple electrical outlet strip, U.L.-C.S.A. approved
  • All clamps are adjustable to compensate for wear
  • Power requirements 120 volts 60 Hz (220 volt models available)
  • Self-sealing quick disconnects enable the operator to change the drying train without disturbing the internal atmosphere
  • Front sloped viewing panel minimizes glare
  • Adjustable vacuum gauge on transfer chamber
  • Four ground key cock valves for purging
  • Transfer chamber is 12" long x 11" diameter (I.D.)



Specifications - Availables sizes
Interior Dimensions
41 x 28 x 26 in.
(104 x 71 x 66 cm)
60 x 38 x 31 in.
(152 x 97 x 79 cm)
Overall Dimensions*
55 x 35 x 38 in.
(140 x 89 x 97 cm)
76 x 47 x 42 in.
(193 x 119 x 107 cm)
17.3 cu.ft. (489 L)
40.9 cu.ft. (1158 L)
Shipping Weight (approx)
250 lbs
300 llbs
* Includes transfer chamber