Sieve Shaker

Sieve Shaker

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The Sieve Shaker is adaptable for use with the Official Grain dockage sieves.

The shaker will hold one bottom pan with one sieve or, one bottom pan, one sieve, and one scalping sieve. A light jarring action keeps material moving over sieves and helps keep sieve opening clean. Unit is equipped with a pulse timer preset to the USDA specified 30 strokes however it can be set between 5 to 100 strokes.

Actual Dims. 22" L x 10 ¾" W x 11 ½" H, Ship wt. 48 lbs.


Code produitDescription
SESTSS-000Sieve Shaker 110V/60HZ
SEST19-0000Sieve Holder Springs for Sieve Shaker