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A UV Light Blocking, Dry Environment with Automatic Electronic Dehumidification 

Protecting valuable humidity-sensitive items, such as reagents or electronics, is easy and fully automatic with Secador Auto-Desiccator Cabinets. The patented, electronic desiccant regeneration module recharges the desiccant every 20 minutes. Compared to other auto-desiccators that regenerate once every 4 to 6 hours, the Secador Auto-Desiccators attains a low %rH level on start-up and consistently maintains low %rH, especially with frequent entry to the desiccator interior.

  • Durastar co-polyester construction blocks 99% of UV light and resists staining, crazing and chemical attack
  • Amber color models reduce visible light penetration by over 50%; perfect for storing light sensitive materials like reagents, analytical standards and investigational compounds
  • Automatic dehumidification and desiccant regeneration cycle operates continuously every 20 minutes
  • Color-indicating silica gel inside the desiccant regeneration module allows quick visual confirmation of desiccant status
  • Large door with easy-to-view digital hygrometer maximizes access to interior space; includes patented seal design, tab latches and security loops for a padlock or tamper-evident seals; opens right to left
  • Perforated shelves facilitate circulation of dry air
  • Compact 34.1W x 41.4cmD (13.4 × 16.3”) footprint for space saving stacking up to 2 units high
  • Choose from an extensive selection of sizes, styles and colors in 100 or 120V models
  • Replacement shelves available; 4.0 units can be converted from vertical to horizontal configuration or vice versa by turning the unit and ordering the appropriate number of shelves
  • Replacement Secador Auto Desiccator Module Desiccant Beads, F42074-0020
  • U.S. Patents: 6,772,534; 6,834,920; 7,114,266; 7,318,630 and D474,626
Catalog NoModelColorInternal VolumeHeight# Of Shelves
F42072-11002.0Clear1.2 cu. ft.31.4cm (12.4")2
F42073-11003.0Clear1.6 cu. ft.41.7cm (16.4")3
F42074-11004.0Clear1.9 cu. ft.51.8cm (20.4")3
F42074-11064.0Clear, with Blue End-caps1.9 cu. ft.51.8cm (20.4")3
F42072-11152.0Clear1.2 cu. ft.31.4cm (12.4")2
F42072-11182.0Amber (50+% visible light blocking)1.2 cu. ft.31.4cm (12.4")2
F42073-11153.0Clear1.6 cu. ft.41.7cm (16.4")3
F42073-11183.0Amber (50+% visible light blocking)1.6 cu. ft.41.7cm (16.4")3
F42074-11154.0Clear1.9 cu. ft.51.8cm (20.4")3
F42074-11164.0Clear, with Blue End-caps1.9 cu. ft.51.8cm (20.4")3
F42074-11174.0Blue, with Clear Door1.9 cu. ft.51.8cm (20.4")3
F42074-11184.0Amber (50+% visible light blocking)1.9 cu. ft.51.8cm (20.4")3