Bird tag for migration trackingtracking bird migration with tagSmall Temperature and Light Geolocator Tag

Small Temperature and Light Geolocator Tag

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Size: 19 mm x 8.5 mm

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Bird tag for migration tracking

Ideal for small birds for long-distance tracking based on temperature and light. Developed in co-operation with bird biologists.

Key features

  • Small and reliable archival bird tag
  • Long life and flexible interval setup
  • Easy to attach to the bird
  • Data linked to Google Earth showing the migratory route
  • Pressure survival down to 150 meters

Small and reliable archival bird tag

Dimensions are only 19 mm x 8.5 mm and it weighs 2 g in air. Despite the small size of the logger, the DST bird tag has high reliability and long lifetime. Therefore it is suitable for long term behaviour and migration studies of small to large sized birds.


The DST bird tag is designed as an archival tag for migration and geolocation studies of seabirds.

Long life and flexible interval setup

DST bird can store 52,000 measurements in total, split between temperature and light, which means it can store data for 1.5 years when using a 10 minute interval, as an example. It is possible to set the logger to record with multiple intervals, shifting between different intervals during the measuring period. Also it is possible to choose different intervals for light and temperature.

Easy to attach to the bird

This lightweight 2 gram tag has an attachment hole of 2 mm in diameter and a cable tie is supplied with each unit, making it simple to attach to the bird.

Data linked to Google Earth showing migratory route

The data can be imported to other software packages, including the free Patternfinder data analysis software from Star-Oddi, which displays the data in Google Earth. Orange lines on the globe show a migratory route of the bird.

Pressure survival down to 150 meters

The bird can take the tag down to 150 meters, therefore quite applicable to seabirds.

SensorsTemperature and light
Size (Diameter x Length)19mm x 8.5mm x 8.5mm
Housing MaterialEpoxy
Data Resolution10 bit
Light Range10 - 400 lux
Light Resolution2 lux
Light Accuracy+/-25 lux
Temperature Range0°C to +30°C**
Temperature Resolution0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy+/-0.5°C
Temperature Response TimeTime constant (63%) reached in 18 sec.
Pressure Tolerance150 m
Memory TypeNon volatile EEPROM
Memory Capacity52,000 measurements in total*
Sampling IntervalUser specified in second(s) minute(s),or hour(s)
Minimum Measuring Interval1 second
Multiple Intervals OptionUp to 7 different intervals
Primary/Secondary OptionTemperature as primary, light as primary
Data Retention25 years
ClockReal time clock. Accuracy +/-1 min/month
CommunicationsCommunication Box, wirelss transmission when DST sits in the box. Connection to PC: USB cable.
Attachment Hole2 mm (diameter)
Battery Life18 months***
Replaceable BatteryNo

* Total memory is divided between the two sensors
**Contact Star-Oddi for usage outside 0-30°C
***For sampling interval of 10 min or greater
Specifications may change without notice