• pH Electrode

pH Electrode

Obtain precise pH determinations in micro volume samples with the Thermo Scientific Orion 8103BNUWP ROSS Ultra pH Electrode, a general purpose, semi-micro tipped combination electrode with a top-performance glass body.

The pH response is independent of temperature changes and can be used on any pH meter with a BNC connection.


  • Superior measurement stability, faster response, greater accuracy, longer life, least long-term drift and more reproducible results
  • Featured with WP- waterproof BNC connectors


60ml bottle of Orion ROSS electrode fill solution 810007


  • pH buffers for calibration
  • Beakers, plastic or glass
  • Magnetic stirrer or Orion stirrer probe
  • Distilled or deionized water

Compatible with

Waterproof BNC connector is compatible with any standard BNC connector both on Thermo Scientific Orion Star Series meters and competitive meter models.

Recommended for

Clinical, pharmaceutical, and food labs, wherever sample size is a constraint

All Thermo Orion electrodes are available on request.

Item Description Semi-micro tipped glass combination electrode; 165 x 6mm
pH Range 0 to 14
Precision 0.01
Operating Temperature 32° to 212°F
0° to 100°C
Junction Ceramic
Filling Solution Type 3M KCl
Connector Types WP- waterproof BNC
Internal Reference ROSS
Includes 60ml bottle of Orion ROSS electrode fill solution
Warranty 2 years