• Spectrophotometer


The GENESYS 10S series of instruments offer an excellent value providing robust operation, ease of use, and low cost of ownership. 

The efficient optical configuration delivers high performance with a minimum number of optical surfaces in a true monochromator design. A xenon lamp provides instant-on UV-Visible measurements and is guaranteed for 3 years of continuous use. The GENESYS 10S Vis uses a tungsten lamp and single detector to support routine measurements in the visible range. With only three moving parts, the GENESYS 10S series is designed for maximum reliability. You can count on these instruments to perform for your most demanding applications. Feature-rich and easy-to-use embedded software has advanced functionality for more demanding samples, yet it is simple and straightforward for routine analysis. The GENESYS 10S series instruments are the right choice for any application, analysis, or SOP.

Big Performance, Small Size

A patented* out-of-plane monochromator design enables the GENESYS 10S series instruments to deliver exceptional performance in a very compact footprint. With stray light and noise specifications comparable to instruments two or three times the size and price, our instruments save valuable bench space in your laboratory leaving room for additional equipment. For added flexibility, the optional built-in printer delivers high-quality, hard copy reports of data and graphics.

Intuitive and Powerful Software

The intuitive software is driven from an integrated, chemical-resistant keypad. The GENESYS 10S features easy-to-learn software applications for stand-alone operation. Context-sensitive SoftKeys™ ensure that routine measurements require only a few keystrokes.
Setting up customized methods allows for more advanced analysis without a computer. Customized methods can be saved for later use. Pre-programmed and configurable methods allow:

  • Fast wavelength scanning at up to 4,200 nm/minute
  • Absorbance Ratio and Absorbance Difference measurements for quick comparisons and quality control
  • Quantitative analysis with up to 15 standards and five calibration curve fits
  • Multiple fixed measurements at up to 31 different wavelengths
  • Performance Verification for GLP/GMP and regulatory compliance

Walk-up Simplicity

Not all UV-Visible measurements are complex – sometimes only a quick absorbance or percent transmission reading is necessary. A simple walk-up screen displays the real-time measurement and the wavelength for fast and easy readings. The xenon lamp of the GENESYS 10S UV-Vis does not require warm-up time and is ready to provide accurate data instantly.

USB Connectivity

The GENESYS 10S series spectrophotometers feature USB connections which allow you to:

  • Connect to a computer for software control, data analysis and storage
  • Use a USB memory device to store methods and data in CSV format
  • Print hard copy data reports directly to an external printer

Connecting to a desktop workstation or laptop computer has never been easier. Built-in software drivers immediately recognize the GENESYS 10S series instruments and allow easy connection to application software. Use the entire capacity of your USB memory device to store method and data files – makes file transfer quick and easy. The GENESYS 10S series instruments support ink jet and laser printers with HP® PCL control.


Additional Flexibility with Application Software : A range of software application programs are available for the GENESYS 10S series instruments. Thermo Scientific VISIONlite and VISIONlite SE
Standard instrument control software with dedicated applications for scanning, fixed wavelength analysis, quantitative analysis and multi-cell kinetics. Makes data collection, storage, export and reporting fast and simple. VISIONlite ™ SE enables 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in your laboratory. This simple to install and configure software gives user access and audit trail capabilities for up to 40 unique users.


A dedicated analyzer software package for automated enzymatic food and beverage analysis with methods for over 70 different test kits.

Thermo Scientific VISIONlite ColorCalc

Color determination software for simple or complex transmission color measurements, including liquid color. Basic and Advanced packages cover routine to specific color analysis.

Thermo Scientific VISIONlite MaterialsCalc

Transmission analysis of optical materials including sunglasses and plastics with built-in methods for the most common industrial standards.

Cost-Effective Visible Only Measurements for Teaching and Routine Quality Control

The GENESYS 10S Vis spectrophotometer offers the same powerful and agile performance as the UV-Visible configuration in a visible-only version. Leverage the power of a traditional, grating-based spectrophotometer to teach your students the basics of spectroscopy. The straightforward embedded software interface is easy to teach and use. Many important experiments can be performed using the visible region of the spectrum including simple enzymatic assays, color determination, and concentration measurements.  The 5.0 nm spectral bandwidth is ideal for most routine quality control measurements. When high resolution is not required to resolve closely spaced peaks, the added energy throughput of the GENESYS 10S Vis extends the sensitivity of your analysis and increases the signal-to-noise ratio for dilute samples. Precision electronics and a simple, single-beam optical geometry provide accurate results.

Power and Performance With or Without a PC

The GENESYS 10S series instruments are optimized for the classroom or teaching lab – offering great value and many features for their small footprint. These lightweight instruments are easy to transport and store. Offering the ergonomic choice of a simple, but powerful embedded software interface or optional computer control with application software tailors the spectrophotometer to your needs. Use the embedded software to acquire scanning, fixed wavelength, kinetics, or concentration data and easily save the experi mental data in a spreadsheet- compatible, CSV format.

Students can:

  • acquire the data in the lab
  • save it to a memory device
  • use a separate computer for analyzing data and writing lab reports

Application software with computer control of the instrument further extends the types of experiments that can be performed in the laboratory and allows more sophisticated analysis. VISIONlite instrument control software offers an intuitive interface for wavelength scanning, fixed wavelength analysis, single and multi-cell kinetics, and quantitative analysis. This easy-to-use and easy-to-teach interface makes acquiring, analyzing and exporting data straightforward– allowing you to focus on the experiment, not the software.

Automation for Routine Analysis

With a small footprint and easy-to-use embedded software, the GENESYS 10S series is ideal for routine sample analysis. For simple, multi-sample experiments, automate your analysis with the built-in 6-Cell Changer. With one position reserved for a blank, the cell changer allows the automated analysis of up to five samples. The 6-Cell Changer can be removed easily and replaced with other cell holders including long pathlength cell holders, Peltier and recirculating water temperature control cell holders, and flow cells for sipper systems.
For high throughput liquid sample analysis, a versatile peristaltic pump sipper system is available. Installation is fast and simple – slide on the sipper spout, attach tubing and you are ready to take data. A variety of flow cells is available, with pathlengths from 1 to 100 mm and volumes as low as 8 microliters.

Performance Verification

Performance verification tests included in the embedded software of every GENESYS 10S series instrument provide pre-programmed methods for verifying instrument performance. In accordance with GLP and GMP, each verification report gives the time, date, and instrument serial number. The built-in wavelength accuracy test is compatible with either the internal lamp or external calibrated standards. Additional built-in tests allow you to monitor instrument performance to ensure reliable data collection.
The xenon lamp of the GENESYS 10S UV-Vis provides an internal standard for wavelength accuracy verification. To validate the instrument performance further, built-in test methods for stray light, noise, and resolution are available.
A cost-effective Green Dye standard is available to verify both photometric accuracy and wavelength accuracy of the GENESYS 10S series instruments. With certified values at 260, 430, and 630 nm, this standard provides a check of wavelength and photometric accuracy from the UV to the near-IR.

Accessories for Every Sample

From cell holders to temperature control, the GENESYS 10S series of spectrophotometers offers a wide variety of accessories to meet the sampling needs of your laboratory. Whether your needs include Peltier temperature control or remote sampling with a fiber optic probe, the GENESYS 10S series goes beyond the instrument to provide you with a complete laboratory solution.

Supplied as Standard

  • GENESYS 10S Series spectrophotometer
  • 6-position cell changer
  • Single cell holder
  • 100 – 240 V automatic power supply
  • AC power cord
  • Spare fuses
  • Protective plastic cover
  • USB memory device
  • USB cable

Note: Software is not included with the instrument and must be ordered separately.

Ordering Information

GENESYS 10S UV-Vis Instruments Part Number
GENESYS 10S UV-Vis, US line cord 840-208100
GENESYS 10S UV-Vis, with internal printer, US line cord 840-208200
GENESYS 10S UV-Vis, Europlug & UK line cords 840-209700
GENESYS 10S UV-Vis, with internal printer, Europlug & UK line cords 840-209800
GENESYS 10S Vis Instruments Part Number
GENESYS 10S Vis, US line cord 840-207900
GENESYS 10S Vis, with internal printer, US line cord 840-208000
GENESYS 10S Vis, Europlug & UK line cords 840-209500
GENESYS 10S Vis, with internal printer, Europlug & UK line cords 840-209600
Optical Design Dual-Beam – Internal Reference Detector Single-Beam
Spectral Bandwidth 1.8 nm 5.0 nm
Light Source (Typical Lifetime) Xenon Flash Lamp (5 years, 3 years guaranteed) Tungsten-Halogen Lamp (1000 hrs.)
Detectors Dual Silicon Photodiodes Silicon Photodiode
Range 190–1100 nm 325–1100 nm
Repeatability ±0.5 nm
Slew Speed 11,000 nm/min
Scan Speed Up to 3600 nm/min
Data Interval for Scanning 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 nm 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0 nm
Linear Range Up to 3.5 A at 260 nm Up to 3.0 A at 340 nm
Display -0.1 A; -1.5–125%T; ±9999 C -0.1–3.0 A; -0.3–125%T; ±9999 C
Accuracy ±0.005 A at 1.0 A
0.010 A K2Cr2O7
0.5% or ±0.005 A,
whichever is greater up to 2 A
Noise <0.00025 at 0.0 A;
<0.00050 at 1.0 A;
<0.00080 at 2.0 A;
RMS at 260 nm
<0.001 A at 0.0 A
<0.002 A at 2.0 A
Peak-to-peak at 340 nm
Drift <0.0005 A/hr 0.002 A/hr after warm-up
Stray Light <0.08%T at 220, 340 nm (NaI, NaNO2);
<1.0%T 198–200 nm (KCl)
<0.1%T at 340, and 400 nm
Display Graphical with LCD backlight; 9.7 × 7.1 cm (3.8 × 2.8 in.)
Keypad Sealed Membrane with tactile response keys
Printer (optional) 40 column Internal (text and graphics); External USB printer (HP PCL 3.0 and greater)
Connectivity USB Type A port for USB memory device (front panel)
USB Type B port for optional computer connectivity (rear panel) USB Type A port for external printer (rear panel)
Dimensions 30 W × 40 D × 25 H cm (11.8 × 15.7 × 9.8 in.)
Weight 8.6 kg (19 lbs)
Power Requirements Selected Automatically 100–240 V; 50–60 Hz