• Chocolate temper meter

Chocolate temper meter

TRICOR’s Model 225 Chocolate Temper Meter offers accuracy and repeatability for the measurement of chocolate temper in a single, compact, low-cost, no-mess, easy to operate unit. The Model 225 is a truly versatile measurement system finding use by field, production, and laboratory personnel. The user fills a sample cup with chocolate, places it in the unit, and has printed & displayed temper results within minutes. Monitoring chocolate temper using a temper meter ensuresthe chocolate’s stability, best flow properties, rapid set, high gloss, mold release, and bloom resistance. Use of the 225 allows corrective action to be taken before temper becomes unacceptable and reduces production yield and shelf life. The 225 incorporates features field proven in TRICOR’s temper meters since 1981, the year TRICOR introduced the first temper meter utilizing a thermoelectric cooler. The specially designed thermoelectric cooling system, in conjunction with a design that maintains constant sample size, probe depth and probe insertion temperature, eliminates sources of measurement error associated with other types of temper measurement instrumentation. A display prompts the user for all necessary actions. Upon completion of a temper test, the display and internal printer provides numeric values indicating the status of chocolate temper. A hardcopy of the test results and temper curve can be obtained using an optional remote printer. TRICOR’s optional Temper Meter Data Acquisition Software (TMDAS) also allows printing, as well as storage and analysis of test results and temper curves. Disposable plastic sample cups, which ensure constant sample size and cleanliness, are used to hold the chocolate test samples. TRICOR, supplier of temper meters world-wide, also offers full-feature inline and off-line temper measurement systems.

  • Displayed and Printed Test Results
  • Standard Internal Printer
  • Fast, repeatable and accurate results
  • Standalone or PC-interactive
  • Thermo-Electric Cooler (No ice or water)
  • Date and time stamp
  • Disposable low cost plastic sample cups
  • Ideal for: QA/QC, production and laboratory
  • Used by confectioners throughout the world


Specifications and features
Dimensions 20.3H x 34.3W x 33D cm (8H x 13.5W x 13D inches)
Weight 6.4 kg (14 lb.)
Power Requirements 85 to 264 V ac, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A Universal Input
Sample Test Time* 5 minutes standard
Sample Volume 11.0 ml (0.38 oz)
Sample Stabilization Time 30 seconds
Chocolate Temper Unit (CTU) Repeatability ±1.0 CTU
Cooler Temperature Stability ±0.06°C (±0.1°F)
Probe Heater Temperature Accuracy ±0.6°C (±1.0°F)
Temperature Measurement Sensitivity ±0.006°C (±0.010°F)
Temperature Measurement Range 15° to 29°C (58° to 86°F) standard
Temper Curve Temperature Scale 15° to 29°C (58° to 86°F) standard
Ambient Operating Temperature Range 10° to 38°C (50°F to 100°F)
Self-Test Automatic self-test on power-up
Display LCD, 2 line x 24 characters
Standard Internal Printer Printout shown with time and date option
Test Results Display provides CTU and slope values
Operation Manual Supplied on CD
Operator Prompts Display provides full step-by-step instructions
Sample Cups Disposable plastic cups ensure constant sample size and cleanliness; built-in ejector allows easy removal of sample cup after test.


Print-Plot Print test data and plot temper curves at a remote printer
Time and Date Marks the time and date of test of internal and external printout.
* Adjustable Sample Test Time Switch selectable: 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, . . . . . 9.5, 9:55
User Programmable Temperature Range Between 15° to 46°C (14° band) 
and 58° to 116°F (28° band)
Data Management Package
TMDAS© (Temper Meter Data Acquisition Software) is a Windows™-based program that allows users to transfer test runs to a computer for further use and analysis. The files created by TMDAS© can be converted into many popular spreadsheet and database formats.