Autoclavable Micropipette 8 channel

Multichannel Fully Autoclavable Micropipettes, 8-Channel

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Multichannel Fully Autoclavable Micropipettes, 8-Channel

Our Multichannel micropipettes are recommended for a wide variety of applications such as ELISA, molecular screening, kinetic studies, and DNA amplifications.

Our Variable Volume Micropipettes feature built-in tip ejectors and autoclavable tip cones. They work on a click stop digital system, are easy to calibrate and maintain, and easy to disassemble for autoclaving. Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, these pipettes are highly accurate. Each pipette is individually calibrated according to ISO 8655 standards and includes a calibration certificate.

Item #Volume Range (μl)Increment (μl) Volume (μl)Accuracy (± %)Precision (≤ %)Compatible Tips
PMC8-100.5 - 10 μl0. μl
PMC8-202 - 20 μl0. μl
PMC8-505 - 50 μl1. μl
PMC8-10010 - 100 μl1. μl
PMC8-20020 - 200 μl1. μl
PMC8-30040 - 300 μl1. μl