• Agarose instantanée en tablette

Agarose instantanée en tablette

  • R9012TAB-200

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HyAgarose™, Low EEO (LE) Agarose, Multi-purpose,only green agarose product in market, manufactured using advanced proprietary technology excludes the use of organic solvents.

HyAgarose™ is a line of cleaner agarose products with significantly reduced environmental impact at improved cost efficiency while delivering same reliable high quality.

Rethink Agarose
InstantAgarose™ TABLETOther Agarose POWDER
Pre-weighted tablet, no weighing requiredLoose powder, need to be weighed
Fast dissolvingLonger dissolving process
Made with high purity HyAgarose™ Green LE Agarose, multi-purposeVary by manufacturer
Blister packaging allow for full portability and easy dispensingBulky bottle packaging
<1 min. safe hands-on time>20 min. hands-on time


Order Information
R9012TAB-200InstantAgarose™, 0.5g, 200 tabs, blister convenient pack
R9012TAB-1000InstantAgarose™, 0.5g, 1000 tabs, blister convenient pack
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