• Congélateurs à température ultra basse

Congélateurs à température ultra basse

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The ABS Ultra Low Temperature Freezer delivers rich features and benefits for the most demanding cold storage applications.

Designed to utilize standard racks, this unit offers high efficiency with low noise by utilizing two high efficiency compressors that keep decibel levels low, while still having 300 BTUh reserve capacity.

The interior of the unit features a triple gasket seal, vacuum relief port, five double walled insulated doors and 5 ½ - 6” of Urethane insulation in critical areas.

Units are made in the USA and are UL and C-UL listed.


Control Center

  • Large LCD control panel
  • Oversized LED temperature display
  • Password protected

    Ergonomic Door Handle

    • Easy one-hand open & close
    • Key lockable for sample security

      Diagnostic Capabilities

      • RS-232 accommodates downloading of event logs

        External Monitoring

        • 4-20mA output
        • Remote alarm contacts
        • Compatible with external alarms and monitoring systems
        • Optional chart recorder

          Added Sample Security

          • 21 audible & visual alarms
          • Voltage booster to protect the compressor during periods of low voltage
          • Battery backup for alarms
          • Rear access port for central building alarm system

            Reserve Capacity with High Efficiency & Low Noise

            • Two high efficiency compressors
            • 300 BTUh reserve capacity
            • Low decibel levels

              User Friendly Maintenance
              • Easy to access and clean condenser filter
              • Low profile casters with locks

                Triple Seal Gasket

                • Reduces frost & ice build-up
                • Maximum protection for sensitive samples

                  Vacuum Relief Port

                  • Eases door openings without sacrificing superior seal
                  • Accessible for cleaning

                    5 ½” to 6” Thick Urethane Insulation

                    • Reduces power consumption while improving temperature performance

                      Five Individual Compartments with Adjustable Shelves

                      • Gain maximum versatility withoutsacrificing temperature performance
                      • Designed to utilize standard racks

                        Five Double Wall Insulated Inner Doors

                        • Reduces cold air loss and improves temperature recovery after door openings
                        • Better temperature uniformity


                        Advanced & configurable control

                        • Easy to use, multi-function control is password protected, and monitors 24 functions and conditions.
                        • Intuitive Interface
                          Easy to follow prompts simplify changing set points, calibration and accessing diagnostics.
                        • Simple to Troubleshoot
                          The control system monitors and records all specified conditions up to 4,000 events. This history can be downloaded for rapid assessment of any alarm.


                        Precise temperature

                        100% Precision Control for your sensitive specimen


                        • Ring-back delay
                        • Password security (Access code)
                        • LCD contrast
                        • Run battery test
                        • Battery backup
                        • Sample


                        The owner’s manual includes detailed calibration information and instructions.


                        • Version details (control)
                        • Condenser temperature.
                        • Heat exchanger temperature
                        • Ambient temperature
                        • Control temperature
                        • Line voltage
                        • Cycle period
                        • Battery life


                          • Set time
                          • Set date
                          • Access code (status message)
                          • High alarm
                          • Temperature set
                          • Low alarm


                          Functions & Conditions
                          High control probe temperature
                          Low control probe temperature
                          Door is ajar
                          Power failure — loss of AC input voltage
                          Power failure — loss of 12V power supply
                          Incorrect power connected
                          High ambient temperature
                          Low battery voltage
                          High stage system failure
                          Low stage system failure
                          Condenser air flow alarm
                          Low voltage alarm
                          High voltage alarm
                          Control probe failure
                          Heat exchanger probe failure
                          Condenser probe failure
                          Ambient probe failure
                          Sample probe failure (if installed)
                          Control probe disconnected
                          Heat exchanger disconnected
                          Condenser probe disconnected
                          Ambient probe disconnected
                          Sample probe disconnected (if installed)
                          Failed battery test


                          21 Audible & Visual Alarms
                          Ensure sample security
                          Extend freezer life by notifying user of:
                          High Temp Alarm
                          Low Temp Alarm
                          AC Line Failure
                          12V PS Failure
                          Incorrect Power
                          High Ambient Temp
                          Low Battery
                          HS System Failure
                          LS System Failure
                          Air Flow Problem
                          Low Line Voltage
                          High Line Voltage
                          Control Probe Failure
                          Heat Exchanger Probe Failure
                          Sample Probe Failure
                          Ambient Probe Failure
                          Line/Boost Voltage Sensing
                          Probe Unplugged
                          Failed Battery Test
                          Initializing Error
                          Door Open


                          Power to Cool
                          • Five sides of direct contact copper evaporator tubes secured with steel tabs
                          Strength to Last
                          • Steel, double walled cabinet
                          • Double walled inner doors
                          • Triple contact gasket
                          • 6” of urethane insulation in critical areas
                          Designed to Standardize Your Lab
                          • Utilizes standard racks
                          Easy Access
                          • One-step filter access
                          • Removable sides, rear and front panels


                          Inventory racks will store sixteen (16) 2” boxes arranged four boxes high by four boxes deep or twelve (12) 3” boxes arranged three boxes high by four boxes deep. Rack dimensions are 8-7/8”H x 5-1/2”W x 22-1/4”D including the handles on the front and back of the rack.
                          Box Capacity
                          2” Boxes320400480
                          3” Boxes240300360
                          # of Racks202530


                          Model NumberAM115V1786
                          Capacity (cu. ft.)172125
                          Temperature Range-50°C to -86°C-50°C to -86°C-50°C to -86°C
                          Dimensions exterior (HWD) inches78.5 x 37.6 x 36.378.5 x 43.3 x 36.378.5 x 49 x 36.3
                          Dimensions interior (HWD) inches50 x 23.4 x 2350 x 29.1 x 2350 x 34.8 x 23
                          Inner doors5 insulated5 insulated5 insulated
                          SecurityAll models feature key lockable door & pass code protectable control
                          Compressors½ HP x ½ HP cascade½ HP x ½ HP cascade½ HP x ½ HP cascade
                          Insulation5.5” to 6” FIP urethane5.5” to 6” FIP urethane5.5” to 6” FIP urethane
                          Door gasket3-point silicone sealing3-point silicone sealing3-point silicone sealing
                          BTU rejection215023702580
                          Shipping weight700780855
                          Breaker requirement115v / 20 amps dedicated
                          230v / 15amps dedicated
                          115v / 20 amps dedicated
                          230v / 15amps dedicated
                          230v / 15amps dedicated
                          Plug115v / NEMA230v / NEMA 6-15230v / NEMA 6-15
                          Agency listingsUL 471UL 471UL 471
                          Average stability2°C2°C2°C
                          Average uniformity±4.5°C±4.5°C±4.5°C
                          Reserve capacity300 BTUh @ 25°C300 BTUh @ 25°C300 BTUh @ 25°C
                          Warm-up time-80°C to -50°C in 5 hrs
                          -80° to 0°C in 12 hrs
                          -80°C to -50°C in 5 hrs
                          -80° to 0°C in 12 hrs
                          -80°C to -50°C in 5 hrs
                          -80° to 0°C in 12 hrs
                          Average energy consumption15 kW Hour/day16.5 kW Hour/day18 kW Hour/day
                          Sound pressure level55 - 65 db A scale @ 5 feet depending upon location and measurement testing