• Cassettes jetables avec couvercle

Cassettes jetables avec couvercle

  • 100% résistant à l’action chimique des solvants histologique
  • Trous rectangles de 5.0 × 1.0 mm 
  • non adaptable aux étiqueteuses automatiques de cassette

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Special design that features a much larger slanted front writing surface.

Provides simple 1-direction snapping and inserting to lock the lid into the cassette. Allow more frequent opening & closing of the lid, and easy & safe removal and inserting of the lid from and into the cassette without any danger of specimen loss.

  • 100% resistant to chemical action of histological solvents
  • With rectangle holes in dimensions of 5.0mm ×1.0 mm
  • With two large labeling areas on the cassette sides and one much larger slanted front writing surface of 30°angle, not adaptable to the automated cassette labelers