Polarimètre pour le laboratoire et pour la formation


  • P1000-LED
  • Monté sur un support en métal
  • Fonctionne selon le principe du partiel de l’ombre
  • La lecture se fait via l’oculaire avec deux verniers

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The P1000-LED polarimeter is a simple and robust device for basic applications in the lab and for training.

Manual polarimetry keeps in small laboratories and training. With the P1000-LED manual polarimeter, A.KRÜSS Optronic offers a traditional and classic instrument that is not to be missed in any technical analysis equipment.

The robust device is mounted on a metal support. It operates on the principle of shade and can accommodate tubes in length of 220 mm. The reading was done via the eyepiece with two verniers. Despite the classic design with polarizer and analyzer, the P1000-LED is quite up to the times. The light source is a light-emitting diode, which emits sodium-D-Line light of 589 nm in length and 500 times longer against a sodium vapor lamp, which is very weak.

Special filters for lighting. Each device is verified by a certified quartz and delivered with a certificate of control.

No device lends itself better than the P1000-LED to the acquisition of the first experience of polarimetry and the learning of the field. The P1000-LED is also located outside of the training. It should not be missed in laboratories that rarely do polarimetric studies, in the physics room or on the pharmacy of the pharmacist.


Measuring range2 semi-circles (0-180º)
Glass tubes100 and 200 mm
Scale division
Reading precision0.05° (with nonius)
Light sourceLED
Dimensions in cm14.0 x 33.0 x 50.0
Weight4.3 kg