• Incubateurs numériques

Incubateurs numériques

  • Available in 0.7 or 2 cu ft

New Design Concept

The versatile Quincy Lab Incubator was custom- developed for laboratories that need a dependable, compact incubator for cultures, test kits, eggs and biologicals. It is ideal for clinical, industrial and school laboratories, for physicians' offices and as a general-purpose warming cabinet.

Advanced Styling

The Incubator has a see-thru tinted acrylic door that enables the user to see the entire work space without opening the door. The exterior is attractive ivory baked-on enamel. Temperature Stability Temperatures up to 62ºC can be maintained accurately and uniformly. The sensitive heat controller maintains temperatures to+1/2ºC*.

Large Capacity

Beakers, flasks, petri dishes and test tube trays can be processed at the same time. Capacity is 0.7 cu. ft.


Chrome plated adjustable shelf and fixed bottom shelf. Additional shelves are available. A laboratory thermometer is included. Eighteen month warranty.

Model No. 10-100 10-140 12-140
Inside dimensions 12WX10HX10D 12WX10HX10D 18WX16HX12D
Cubic ft. capacity .7 2.0
Outside dimensions 13WX15.5HX11.25D 13WX15HX10.75D 19WX21HX13D
Type of thermostat
Wattage 300 110 220
AMPS 2.6 .96 1.91
Shipping weight 30# 23# 41#
Maximum temp. 80°C/176°F 62°C/143.5°F 65°C/149°F