• Tables à compartiments

Tables à compartiments

  • C7161K30N

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Are built with the same quality techniques as the plain apron table. They are finished with a chemical resistant, earth-friendly UV finish. These tables have either two or four book compartments (depending on size) installed in the apron. The book compartments measure 14-1⁄4"W x 12-3⁄4"D x 3-7⁄8"H. The table has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. On tables 72"W or over, we recommend ordering with leg braces and stretchers.


SizeCompartmentsP. LamChemGuardSolid PhenolicSolid EpoxyNo Top
21" x 48"2C7161K30NC7162K30NC7164K30NC7166K30NC7160K30N
21" x 54"2C7181K30NC7182K30NC7184K30NC7186K30NC7180K30N
21" x 60"2C7211K30NC7212K30NC7214K30NC7216K30NC7210K30N
21" x 72"2C7231K30NC7232K30NC7234K30NC7236K30NC7230K30N
24" x 48"2C7101K30N*C7102K30N*C7104K30NC7106K30N*C7100K30N
24" x 54"2C7201K30N*C7202K30N*C7204K30NC7206K30N*C7200K30N
24" x 60"2C7601K30N*C7602K30N*C7604K30NC7606K30N*C7600K30N
24" x 72"2C7301K30N*C7302K30N*C7304K30NC7306K30N*C7300K30N
30" x 48"2C7121K30NC7122K30NC7124K30NC7126K30NC7120K30N
30" x 54"2C7131K30NC7132K30NC7134K30NC7136K30NC7130K30N
30" x 60"2C7141K30N*C7142K30N*C7144K30NC7146K30N*C7140K30N
30" x 72"2C7151K30NC7152K30N*C7154K30NC7156K30NC7150K30N
36" x 48"2C7171K30NC7172K30NC7174K30NC7176K30LC7170K30N
36" x 54"2C7191K30NC7192K30NC7194K30NC7196K30LC7190K30N
36" x 60"2C7221K30NC7222K30NC7224K30NC7226K30LC7220K30N
36" x 72"2C7241K30NC7242K30NC7244K30NC7246K30LC7240K30N
42" x 48"4C7111K30LC7112K30LC7114K30LC7116K30LC7110K30L
42" x 54"4C7801K30LC7802K30LC7804K30LC7806K30LC7800K30L
42" x 60"4C7901K30LC7902K30LC7904K30LC7906K30LC7900K30L
42" x 72"4C7401K30LC7402K30LC7404K30LC7406K30LC7400K30L


Ordering Information
Cat. No.Description
L30-REP*30"H Leg (1 each)
L34-REP34"H Leg (1 each)
L36-REP*36"H Leg (1 each)
L3030*30"H Leg (set of 4)
L303434"H Leg (set of 4)
L3036*36"H Leg (set of 4)
100076X4*Leg Boots (set of 4)
100728X4*Floor Mounting Brackets (set of 4)