• Centrifugeuses Multifuge X3

Centrifugeuses Multifuge X3

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Process a range of general purpose applications including cell culture, microplate, bioproduction, blood separation and microbiology with the Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X3 Centrifuge Series.

Featuring industry-leading throughput and energy-efficient operation, this series can process up to 40% more conical tubes in swing-out rotor configuration and 100% more in fixed-angle configuration. A broad range of rotors and adapters, including lightweight Thermo Scientific Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors, handle diverse laboratory applications.

Simple Operation

  • System offers intuitive control panel and digital display.
  • Detailed operation information, including display of set and actual parameters, maximize run performance and temperature accuracy for improved sample protection.
  • User can easily adjust speed, time and temperature, even during the run, with convenient keyboard for direct input.
  • Innovative lid locking technology enables one finger downward motion for easiest closing and locking of centrifuge lid, even on tall benches with optional automatic lid opening.
  • Double temperature management system displays the air temperature in the chamber as well as the sample temperature, ensuring accurate control of the sample temperature during the run.

Thermo Scientific Auto-Lock III Rotor System

  • Secure locking system allows easy push-button installation and exchange of rotors.
  • System saves time in switch between applications.
  • User has easy access to the chamber, enabling quick cleaning, a healthier working environment and longer unit life.

Thermo Scientific ClickSeal Bucket Sealing System

  • Biocontainment system that seals with a snap; eliminating screw caps and complicated clips
  • Glove-friendly, one-handed open/close capability
  • Certified by CAMR in Porton Down, UK

Thermo Scientific SMARTSpin Technology

  • Advanced rotor management system maximizes acceleration, braking and residual load imbalance for each rotor and bucket option
  • System optimizes safety and improves separations

Space-Saving Design

  • Compact size conserves workspace.
  • Ergonomic height and curved design ensure comfortable sample handling and cleaning of unit.

Energy Efficient

Design saves up to 40% of energy on industry standard protocols, such as blood separations or conical-tube processing.

Ventilated Model Multifuge X3

  • Dimensions: 26.4L × 22.2W × 14.2″H [35.4″H open] (67 × 56.5 × 36cm [90cm open])
  • Net Weight: 189.6 lb. (86kg)

Refrigerated Model Multifuge X3R

  • For high-performance applications with temperature-sensitive samples
  • CFC-free refrigeration system
  • Temperature range: -10° to +40°C
  • Pre-cooling function with direct button
  • 26.4L × 29.3W × 14.2″H [35.4″H open] (67 × 74.5 × 36cm [90cm open])
  • Net weight: 255.7 lb. (116kg)

For exceptional versatility, the Heraeus Multifuge X3 supports a wide range of rotors and adapters, including Thermo Scientific Fiberlite rotors, for a minimum of 16 rotor configurations. All rotors and adapters are sold separately.

Recommended for

  • Cell Culture
  • Microplates
  • Bioproduction
  • Food Safety
  • Blood Separation
  • Bodily fluid processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Stem Cell
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Proteomics
  • Genomics
UseAdvanced display and controls, ideal for research or controlled environments, where accuracy and performance are important
PanelGlove- and detergent-friendly
Display SizeLarge 50 cm2
Display TechnologyBright advanced LCD
Display UnitSet and Current
(Direct Button Access)
Speed SettingNumerical keypad
Speed Accuracy1 rpm or 1 x g
Time Accuracyhrs/min or min/sec
Time SettingCountdown from start or countdown from set speed
Time Range< 99h, 59min + continuous
Temperature SettingSample temperature or chamber air
Password ProtectionFor program protection and lid openings
RCF calculationMaximum radius or user defined by rMax input
LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Spanish, Italian,
Dutch and Russian
Heraeus Multifuge X3F/X3FR
Swinging Bucket Rotors
Maximum Capacity4 x 1000 mL (with TX-1000 rotor)
Maximum Speed6000 rpm (with BIOShield 1000A rotor)
Maximum RCF7164 x g (with BIOShield 1000A rotor)
Fixed Angle Rotors
Maximum Capacity6 x 250 mL (with F14-6 x 250LE rotor)
Maximum Speed15200 rpm (with microvolume rotors)
Maximum RCF25830 x g (with 30 x 2 mL rotor)
Control SystemMicroprocessor
Drive SystemDirect, brushless induction low profile motor
Rotor Locking SystemPush-button Auto-Lock
Imbalance Detection SystemSMARTSpin
Programs99 (5 with direct access key)
Temperature Set Range*-10 °C to +40 °C
Pre-Cooling Function*Yes, with direct button
Refrigeration System*CFC free
Pulse (Short) RunYes
Acceleration / Deceleration Rates9 / 10
Centrifugation ChamberCorrosion-resistant, high-thermal conductivity, 304 grade stainless steel
Maximum Timer Range99h, 59min + continuous
Sound Level (dBA) with swinging bucket rotor at top speed< 64 / < 58* (TX-750)
with F15-8 x 50 rotor at top speed< 55 / < 57*
Other FeaturesCertified1 ClickSeal biocontainment system, language selection, motorized lid latch
Maximum Power Consumption (W) 120 V1400
230 V1700 / 1950*
Maximum Heat Output (BTU/h) 120 V4776
230 V5800 / 6653*
Height (lid closed)84 cm / 33.2 in
Width56.5 cm / 22.2 in
Depth67 cm / 26.4 in
Weight152.5 kg / 336.2 lb 142.5 kg* / 314.2 lb*
Technical StandardsIEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-020, IEC 61010-2-101, 230 V only: EN 61326, EN 55011B
CertificationsUL listed, CSA certified, CE marked, IVD compliant, Certified Biosafety, RoHS compliant, WEEE compliant
Ordering InformationHeraeus Multifuge X3F/X3FR
Heraeus Multifuge, ventilated, 120 V, 60 Hz75004531
Heraeus Multifuge, refrigerated, 120 V, 60 Hz75004537