Air sampler MiniVolAir sampler MiniVol

Air sampler MiniVol

  • Affordable: collects accurate particulate data
  • Rugged: durable case stands up to the elements and incidental abuse
  • Versatile: can be configured for PM10, PM2.5, and TSP particulate sampling 

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The MiniVol® Tactical Air Sampler (TAS) is based on the original MiniVol® air sampler, developed jointly by Airmetrics and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1990.

Implementing patented low-flow technology, the TAS delivers precise and accurate results in a lightweight compact device. The MiniVol® TAS is a versatile and reliable sampling platform that is attractive to end-users worldwide. Although specifically designed for “saturation” sampling, the MiniVol® has been routinely used in a wide variety of applications including prescribed burns, fugitive dust studies, remote location sampling, indoor air studies, fence line monitoring and ambient air sampling at remediation sites. With a broad range of customers both domestic and international, the reliable and proven MiniVol® sampling system has made a place for itself in the global air quality industry. Buyers include the EPA, The United States Army, the World Health Organization, US and international governments and consultants such as Secor, CH2M Hill, and Bechtel Parsons-Brinckerhoff. Improving upon the best in portable air samplers, the TAS leads the way for the next generation of innovative air sampling equipment.


Collects accurate particulate data at just a fraction of the cost of FRM Sampling



Durable case stands up to the elements and incidental abuse



The TAS can be configured for PM10, PM2.5 and TSP particulate sampling and accommodates a wide variety of air toxics sampling media



Transporting the TAS and all accessories is easy with the all-in-one transport case
The TAS was designed with ease of use in mind. It uses intuitive controls and easy on/off programming to virtually eliminate operator error.
All sampler components were designed for maximum durability and minimal maintenance. Even the routine cleaning of the size selective inlets has been simplified with the design of the Easy Maintenance Target (EMT).
The compact sampler design weighs less than 10LBS when fully configured. The sampler and accessories are easily stored in an all-in-one transport case.
A universal mounting bracket allows for attachment to vertical or horizontal surfaces, the fold-up lightweight tripod allows for free standing operation.

Improving upon the
best in portable air
samplers, the TAS
leads the way for
the next generation
of innovative air
sampling equipment.
The TAS functions via AC/DC or solar power for urban or remote location sampling.
Airmetrics introduces a double diaphragm pump designed specifically for the TAS. The pump incorporates Airmetrics’ unique “laminar flow valve technology” and features a precision Swiss ball bearing motor with precious metal commutation, designed for a service life in excess of 10,000 hours.
The TAS utilizes standard US EPA FRM 47mm cassettes. A wide variety of filter media is available for specific sampling applications.
The TAS features a telescoping inlet tube to provide optimal exposure.
Duplicates of major sampler components are included to simplify field work. The extra battery, filter holder and size selective inlet can be serviced while the duplicates are in use. The standard sampler includes:
1 Pump Module
2 Louvered Inlets
2 Li-Ion Battery Packs
1 Battery Charger
1 Universal Mounting Bracket  
2 Impactors (PM-10 or PM-2.5)
2 Filter Holder Assemblies
Durable polypropylene copolymer case features a double-throw latch system for secure closing and easy opening.
The high-density Li-Ion pack weighs under two pounds and can be fully charged in less than five hours. The battery slides securely into the front panel for 60+ hours of sampling.
Active flow Control
  Flow range:
0-10 LPM

Nominal flow:

Sampler Dimensions:
10” x 12” x 7”

Sampler Weight
9.8LBS (fully configured)

Transport Case:
19.75” x 12” x 18”

Shipping Weight:

Li-Ion Battery
14.8V / 118 Watt Hours

Battery Charger:
Input 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz Output: 18VDC, 2A



The Mini Reference Impactor (MRI) is Airmetrics latest innovation.

The MRI is a near perfect PM10 particle size separator that greatly reduces routine impactor maintenance. AirMetrics has enhanced the geometry of the EPA Federal Reference Method (FRM) PM10 inlet for integration into the MiniVol TAS (Tactical Air Sampler). The new impactor has a 10.0 μm cut-point and no significant internal losses*. The dry inertial separator requires no grease, oils or special substrates. The no-tools monthly maintenance (as recommended by EPA) can easily be performed in the field, and consists of simply unscrewing the impactor and dumping out the collected particles and rinsing with water or solvent.
The MRI was designed in response to feedback from customers such as the US Army – CHPPM, who use the MiniVol in remote locations, and under adverse conditions, The new MRI significantly reduces field maintenance while maintaining the cut-point of the US EPA FRM PM10 inlet.