Multi-stage Sludge Sampler

Multi-stage Sludge Sampler

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Collect sediment or sludge with an enhanced core tip and cap

Over the years AMS Inc., has continued to expand and improve its sediment and sludge sampling line of products. To meet the challenge of adequately filling a sampler without losing the sample upon retrieval, AMS designed the “valved core tip.” This method has been proven to work in the past but does have some shortcomings in certain situations. The AMS multi-stage sludge sampler was designed to overcome those shortcomings.

The multi-stage sludge sampler uses a disposable plastic soil core catcher that fits on the end of a 2" x 12" plastic liner. The advanced multi-stage sludge core tip has been technically enhanced to allow the plastic soil core catcher and a liner to fit snuggly over the machined lip of the core tip. The purpose of this lip is to hold the liner and soil core catcher in place during sampling by reducing side-to-side float. Once the soil core catcher and liner are placed on the core tip they are loaded into a standard multi-stage base section and screwed together. The last piece of the sampler is the flap check cap. Basically, this cap is a modified multi-stage cap with 4 holes machined completely through it. To complete the cap a rubber check flap is stretched and fitted over these holes. During deployment of the sampler, the flap cap opens and allows excess air and water to escape through the top of the sampler. The sediment enters and fills the liner, because the venting action eliminates pressure buildup. When the sampler is lifted the rubber flap cap closes over these holes and creates suction to assist the soil core catcher in retaining the sample.


Features include:  

• Technically enhanced multi-stage sludge core tip
• Optional valved core and auger tips available
• Optional 12" sections are available and can be added to the sampler to extend its length for profile studies up to 48 inches, depending on the sediment lithology.
• Available in a kit with an optional valved core tip and three (3) optional 12" sections.

Sampler Includes: Multi-stage flap check cap, multi-stage sludge core tip, 12" multi-stage SCS base, 2" x 12" plastic liner, two (2) plastic end caps, 2" soil core catcher, universal slip wrench. For greater sampling depth, order the optional 12" multi-stage SCS section separately (#403.22).

Sampler Kit Includes: AMS multi-stage sludge sampler, multi-stage sludge core tip, 2" multi-stage valved core tip, 12" multi-stage SCS base, three (3) 12" multi-stage SCS sections, three (3) 4' extensions, plastic liner, plastic end caps, 2" soil core catcher, universal slip wrench, two (2) crescent wrenches, SST cross handle, slide hammer, and the AMS deluxe carrying case.

The AMS multistage valved tips give versatility to the multi-stage sludge sampler.

Optional Multi-Stage Valved Core Tip #403.28

Optional Multi-Stage Valved Auger Tip #403.29

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403.19Multi-Stage Sludge Core Tip0.90 lb
403.2412" Multi-Stage4.10 lb
403.21Multi-Stage Flap Sheck Cap1.20 lb
50463Viton Check Flap0.01 lb
421.29Universal Slip Wrench1.24 lb
404.902" Soil Core Catcher0.01 lb
405.102" x 12" Plastic Liner0.21 lb
418.102" Plastic End Caps0.01 lb
403.29Multi-Stage Auger Tip w/Valve1.20 lb
403.28Multi-Stage Core Tip w/Valve0.80 lb
403.2312" Multi-Stage Section3.90 lb