Soil samplers

Soil samplers

  • Powder coated to resist rust
  • 16" cross handle
  • 53" length

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One-Piece Regular Soil & Mud Augers

One-Piece Regular Soil AugersOne-Piece Mud Augers

AMS one-piece regular augers and mud augers are powder-coated for rust-resistance and have an attached 16" rubber-gripped cross handle. They are inexpensive, lightweight alternatives for anyone who does not need to bore holes deeper than 4'. The 4" models are perfect for quickly digging post holes because they eliminate the back and shoulder jarring caused by traditional post-hole diggers. They are made of powder-coated chromoly, carbon steel, and stainless steel. They are 53" in length.

One-Piece Regular Soil Augers

Part #DiameterLengthWeight
400.482 3/4"53"4.1 lb.
400.464"53"5.5 lb.

One-Piece Mud Augers

Part #DiameterLengthWeight
400.492 3/4"53"4.1 lb.
400.474"53"5.5 lb.

One-Piece Open-Face Auger

One-Piece Open-Face Auger

This thick, one-piece design, with its unique,hand-formed aggressive cutting head, pullsitself into the ground with little effort fromthe user. The one-piece open-face augerquickly penetrates through combinationsoils, from mud or clay to hard pan. The openfacedesign is especially useful for obtainingquick visual profiles and provides for easy soilextraction. The attached 16" rubber-grippedhandle gives it a total length of 48" andcan be used to auger to 3' below the ground surface. The auger is made of gold zincplatedchromoly.

Part #DiameterLengthWeight
400.542 1/2"48"4.1 lb.

One-Piece CombinationEdelman Auger

One-Piece Combination Edelman Auger

The one-piece combination edelmanauger has a total length of 48" andis capable of augering as deep as 3'.The attached 16" rubber-grippedhandle is welded to the steel shaftwhich is also welded to an Eijelkampcombination edelman auger head.It is versatile, lightweight and easyto use. It requires no assembly in thefield and works well in a variety of soilconditions. The one-piece combinationedelman auger is made of high-carbonsteel and gold zinc-plated chromoly.

Part #DiameterLengthWeight
400.502 3/4"48"3.0 lb.
(7cm)(122 cm)(1.4kg)

AMS Connection Types

AMS signature series, threaded, and quick connect connections are used to connect AMS cross handles or slide hammers to AMS extensions,auger heads, and samplers. Each connection type has advantages that will make it more appropriate for particular uses or users. Please take into consideration that not all items will be available in every connection type. Contact us if you are unsure which connection type to use.

Helpful Tips for Using Signature Series and Threaded Connections

AMS recommends using non-adhesive fluoropolymer tape and wrench-tightening AMS threaded and signature series connections to help prevent the components from being damaged during heavy use and to minimize wear and tear over time. This also helps prevent threaded components from being difficult to disconnect after use with a slide hammer, hammer-head cross handle, or after hard twisting with a standard cross handle or ratcheting handle.

AMS Signature Series Connections

AMS Signature Series Connections

Signature series components feature a heavier thread than 5/8" threaded connections. They are generally more robust and last longer under heavy use. Signature components can be connected and disconnected with only 2 1/2 turns, and have less risk of galling. Our most popular slide hammers, augers, core samplers, and soil sampling kits are available with signature series connections.

AMS 3/4

AMS 3/4" & 5/8" Threaded Connections

AMS 5/8" and 3/4" threaded connections use standard, national course, threads. 3/4" are used with the new AMS professional line of augers and samplers. 5/8" connections are the most common and least expensive. Augers, core samplers, probes, slide hammers, hammer-head handles, and kits are available with threaded connections.

AMS Quick Connect Connection
AMS Quick Connect Connection

The AMS quick connect button-and-hex coupling system allows components to connect and disconnect faster and with less hassle than threaded or signature series systems. When in use, the torque exerted on the system is placed on the hex – rather than threads – which makes the quick connect connection durable and prevents the components from binding together. Quick connect connections also allow for reverse augering with either a rubber-coated cross handle or ratcheting cross handle. Most augers and some soil sampling kits are available with AMS quick connect connections, but the connections are not compatible with AMS slide hammers or the hammer-head cross handle.