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Fyrite INSIGHT Plus is Bacharach's premium combustion analyzer for residential and commercial applications

The Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus is Bacharach’s premium residential and light commercial combustion analyzer.
This American-made analyzer uses advanced technology to accurately measure, analyze and report results that validate safe operation, efficiently tune older systems and save customers’ money.
Featuring industry-exclusive B-Smart ® CO sensor technology, it enables technicians and HVAC/R service representatives to install pre-calibrated sensors right in the field to avoid costly downtime and inconvenience.

Fives Tools in ONE with Real-Time Analysis

The Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus is a five-in-one steady state combustion analyzer that is capable of measuring flue gas and room air CO, and can also function as a dual channel digital thermometer (up to 999º F) and a digital manometer (which measures draft, gas pressure, ESP, and up to +/- 40 INWC).
Able to provide up to 100 combustion, pressure and temperature records, the Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus can  also can display measurement results instantly for up to ten different fuels on its full-color backlit LCD display. In addition, specific information can also be downloaded to a PC or printed via an infrared printer.



Features & Benefits:
9 User-Selectable Fuels:Natural Gas, Oil #2, Oil #4, Oil #6, Propane, Coal, Wood,
Kerosene, B5 (+ 2 custom) |  (10 fuels available with Siegert ver.)
Measurement Ranges:Combustion Air/Ambient Air:  -4 to 600˚ F (-20 to 316˚ C)
Flue Gas Temperature:  -4 to 1,202˚ F (-20 to 650˚ C)
Oxygen: (O 2 )  0.0 to 20.9%
Carbon Monoxide: (CO)  0 to 4,000 ppm
Draft / Differential Pressure:  -40 to +40 INWC ( 100 mBar)
Calculated Ranges:Combustion Efficiency:  0.1 to 100%
Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ):  0.1 to a fuel dependent max.
value in percent
Carbon Monoxide (air free):  0 to 9,999 ppm
Excess Air:  0 to 250%
Dimensions: 8.0”H x 3.6”W x 2.3”D (20.3 cm x 9.1 cm x 5.8 cm)
Weight: 16 oz. with batteries (0.45 kg)
Power:4 AA Alkaline batteries (incl.),Universal power adapter or USB cable
Minimum of 15 hours typical battery life
Warranty:Instrument and sensors - 2 years including O 2  sensor
Long-life O 2 sensor carries a 3-year warranty
Approvals:EN 50270 (CE mark),EN 50379
Display Languages Available:English, French, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish

Fyrite ® INSIGHT ®  Plus: instrument comes with probe, spare filters, protective rubber boot, 4 AA batteries, user manual and hard-carrying case.

Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus w/Reporting Pkg. Kit: instrument comes with probe, spare filters, protective rubber boot, IrDA printer, USB cable, Fyrite ®  User Software, 8 AA batteries, hard-carrying case

Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus Ordering Information

0024-8515Fyrite ® INSIGHT ®  Plus
0024-8517Fyrite ® INSIGHT ®  Plus (with Long-Life O 2 sensor)
0024-8519Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus - European Model*
0024-8521Fyrite ® INSIGHT ®  Plus European Model* (with Long-Life O 2 sensor)
0024-8516Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus w/Reporting Pkg. Kit
0024-8518Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus w/Reporting Pkg. Kit (with Long-Life O 2 sensor)
0024-8520Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus w/Reporting Pkg. Kit – European Model*
0024-8522Fyrite ® INSIGHT ® Plus  w/Reporting Pkg. Kit – European Model* (w/Long-Life O 2 sensor)
*European-based calculations

Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus Accessories

0024-1492Fyrite® INSIGHT® Reporting Kit (includes IrDA printer, USB cable
and sofware)
0024-1400IrDA Printer w/Disposable Batteries
0024-1310Printer Paper (5 rolls)
0024-1254Universal AC Power Adapter
0104-1797Thermocouple 10 ft. (combustion at temp.)
0104-1798Thermocouple 1 in. (ambient air temp.)
0024-8242Differential Pressure & Temperature Kit
0024-1591Long-Life O 2 Replacement Sensor
0024-1593CO Sensor (not calibrated)
0024-1616B-Smart ®  CO Sensor (pre-calibrated)
0024-8257Long-Life O 2 Sensor Upgrade Kit

The B-Smart ® Sensor Exchange Program allows users to replace pre-calibrated sensors in the field, eliminating the need to send the instrument in for calibration. With the B-Smart ® Sensor Exchange Program, you receive factory-calibrated
sensors, just plug them in and continue to use your instrument – there’s no down time and it saves time and money.