• Drying and Heating Chamber

Drying and Heating Chamber

  • Temperature range: room temperature plus 5 °C to 300 °C
  • APT.line preheating chamber technology
  • Forced convection

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Drying and heating chambers with forced convection


  • Temperature range: room temperature plus 5 °C to 300 °C
  • APT.line™ preheating chamber technology
  • Forced convection
  • Adjustable exhaust air flap
  • Controller with timer functions
  • 2 chrome-plated racks
  • Class 2 independent adjustable temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual alarm

Quality and reliability

BINDER heating chambers boast impressively high levels of quality and reliability. Ideal for drying, sterilization, and heating, they can be put to use within industry, science and research, and quality assurance applications. Alongside models with natural convection, BINDER also offers heating chambers with forced convection. These heating chambers – in the Classic.Line FD series – are a popular choice when extremely fast drying and sterilization are required. 

BINDER's heating chambers with forced convection operate within a temperature range of between 5 °C and 300 °C, allowing them to be adapted to suit various requirements. The patented APT.line™ preheating chamber technology guarantees homogeneous temperature distribution in the interior, so you can be sure that sample conditions are consistent across the entire usable space, regardless of the amount or size of the sample. Low heat dissipation means that the heating chambers are highly energy-efficient despite performance being increased.

Efficiency, high performance, and ease of use

BINDER's FD series brings you maximum quality and precision when the heating chambers are put to use in practice, guaranteed by high production standards in line with DIN 12880 along with premium material and finish quality. What's more, the chamber can be cleaned with ease thanks to the stainless steel finish of the interior as well as the lack of built-in fixtures there. To facilitate loading and unloading, the heating chambers are fitted with racks that come with anti-tilt protection. 

With BINDER heating chambers with forced convection, not only are you getting the benefits of their high performance, functionality, and process reliability, you can also enjoy these units' excellent usability, as they are intuitive and easy to work with.

Model FD 23Housing dimensions not incl. fittings and connections - Internal dimension Net weightInterior volume
W x H x D [mm]W x H x D [mm]
435 x 495 x 520222 x 330 x 3002720