Lightning Detection System

Lightning Detection System

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The StormTracker uses state-of-the-art technology to make real-time lightning detection affordable. How does the StormTracker work? The StormTracker is an add-on to your IBM PC or compatible computer allowing you to not only tell if lightning is near but see where it is. StormTracker detects lightning strikes up to 300 miles away and plots them in real time on a map of your area. With StormTracker you are actually detecting the lightning strikes themselves. There are no on-line or recurring charges of any kind. StormTracker has two built-in alarms. The Close Storm Alarm will activate if a thunderstorm is detected closer than a preset distance. The Severe Storm Alarm activates if the number of lightning strikes per minute exceeds a preset limit. StormTracker keeps received data on your computers hard disk. This allows you to replay the previous few hours events in accelerated time. This feature allows continuous looping through the data from a user selectable start point up to present.  Watching historical data in accelerated time gives great insight into the trend of the current storm.  Now there is no more guessing if the storm is heading your way as with audible warning type systems. You can instantly see where the storm is and in which direction it is heading.


  • Detect if lightning is in your area.
  • Receive early warning of approaching or developing storms.
  • Configurable Severe Storm and Close Storm Alarms.
  • Determine from which direction the approaching storm is coming.
  • Follow developing and decaying storms from first strike to last.
  • Save all data for future analysis.

StormTracker works by detecting the radio signals produced by lightning. These are the same signals you can hear on an AM radio during a thunderstorm. StormTracker's direction-finding antenna provides direction information while storm distance is calculated from received signal strength. Special processing in software reduces the effects of strike-to-strike energy variations providing more accurate distance information.
StormTracker's antenna is a small black box (3"x2"x1-1/2") which may be mounted indoors (in a wood framed house for example) or outdoors. The antenna is typically mounted ten to twenty feet above the ground, away from large metal objects and sources of electrical noise such as televisions and computer monitors. StormTracker includes 50 feet of antenna cable. Additional cable may be ordered, up to 200 feet total cable length.
StormTracker includes software for Windows XP/2000/ME/98/95.  Third-party software is available for displaying StormTracker lightning images on the Internet or an internal Intra-Net. This software adds advanced lightning display and analysis capabilities to StormTracker.


StormTracker Lightning Detector
Includes PCI Receiver Card, Antenna, 50 Feet of Antenna Cable, Windows Software, and Manual. Complete lightning detection system for your PC. Optional background map set recommended.
Background Map Set (continental US)
StormTracker can be used without a background map but we recommend having one. You can make your own or we can make them for you. Custom made maps for the 100 mile, 200 mile and 300 mile ranges within the continental US. Please specify your city, county and state.
Background Map Set (outside continental US)
StormTracker can be used without a background map but we recommend having one. You can make your own or we can make them for you. Custom made maps for the 100 mile, 200 mile and 300 mile ranges outside of the continental US. Please specify your latitude, longitude, city and country.
Extra Antenna Cable
StormTracker includes 50 feet of antenna cable. If you need a longer cable indicate how many additional feet you require. For example: a 60 foot cable = 10 extra feet.
StormTracker Receiver Card Update
For customers wishing to update their existing ISA receiver card to a PCI receiver card. Includes PCI Receiver Card, Windows Software, and Upgrade Instructions. Click here for more information.
Replacement Antenna
Replacement Antenna available