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Used to display daily and accumulated rainfall on our weather stations (plus rate of rainfall on the GroWeather, the Energy and Health EnviroMonitor EnviroMonitor),or as independent model with our electronic counter.

Created to meet the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization, our self-emptying tipping sensor is an exceptionally precise design.

No measure 0.01 "or 0.2 mm. To measure freezing rain or the moisture content of the snow, add our rain gauge heater.

Cat. No. & Description

DA7852-000Standard Rain Collector, 0.01" (pluviomètre standard) avec 12m (40') de câble
DA7852M-00Standard Rain Collector, 0.2mm (pluviomètre standard) avec 12m (40') de câble


Rain Collector Heater
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For use in cold climate to  measure freezing rain or the moisture content of snowfall. Inlcudes 24-watt, 24-volt heater with thermal cut-off switch, control unit, insulating reflective blanket, and AC-power adapter. Not for use with Solar Power Kit.
Cat. No.Description
DA7720-000Rain collector heater with 50' (15m) cable. Use Shielded 2-twisted Pair Extension Cable. Maximum cable length is 120' (36m).
DA7895-050Shielded Cable, 50' (15m)
DA7895-100Shielded Cable, 100' (30m)

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