Quantification of water in waste oil

Quantification of water in waste oil

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HydroSCOUT is a field portable test that quantifies water concentration in a variety of matrixes, (oil, paint, solvents, liquid waste, soil, inks, etc.)

It is an easy, inexpensive test that can be run in the field at the pickup point or in a laboratory setting with minimal training. This method is ideal for accurately determining the true water content in used oil before acceptance or treatment. HydroSCOUT has been assigned USEPA SW-846 Draft Method 9001.

The palm sized HydroSCOUT meter is programmed to determine water content in used oil over two common ranges. "Program A" covering the range 0 - 20 % can determine water content down to 0.15% (1500 ppm),v/v. Using the available dilution vials, "Program B" can measure water content up to 100%. Results are displayed in volume percent on a LCD. The meter is menu driven for ease of use. Both programs auto-calibrate and perform quality control checks to minimize false negatives and ensure accuracy.


Detection Method

Action Levels
Low Range:
Analysis Time
Used Oil, Solvents, Organic Liquids,
Oils, Industrial Oils, Gasoline
Quantitative Calcium Hydride
High range: 1500 ppm - 100%
50 ppm to 10,000 ppm
0.15 %v/v and 5 %v/v
0.45 %v/v and 15 %v/v
Ethylene Glycol / Acids
3 minutes