• Ozone Controller Monitor

Ozone Controller Monitor

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The OS6 is an industrial grade ozone controller and monitor. 

The OS6 design has been optimized for accuracy, ease of installation, setup and operation.

  • Industrial strength, water resistant enclosure.
  • Large digital display, autoranging (220ppm) w/ backlight.
  • Easy front panel access to set points and relays.
  • Precisely adjustable max, min, and fail time set points.
  • Failure alarm if ozone remains outside control range.
  • Front panel generator control cutoff switch for easy maintenance.
  • User selectable PPM ranges for analog output (420 mA and 02 VDC)
  • OSHA 0.1 ppm safety limit light.
  • Enclosure: Wall mounted polycarbonate enclosure resists water spray and splash (NEMA 4X).
  • Size:  H = 6.3”/160mm, W = 6.5”/166mm, D = 4.6”/118mm.
  • Power in:  12-24 VDC.
  • Power out:  +5 or +12-24 VDC to sensor.
  • Data in:  RS-232 serial data from remote sensor module (SM-4 or equivalent).
  • Data out:  RS-232, 9600 Baud 8N1 format.
  • Analog out:  0-2 V and 4-20 mA, internal jumpers select full scale PPM range.
  • Control in:  Generator enable (contact closure).
  • Control outputs:  Relays, 10A @ 25VDC, 0.25A @ 250VDC, 2.0 KVA AC (resistor).
  • Relay functions:  Ozone generator control, >100 PPB safety limit, failure to control.
  • User controls (internal):  MAX set point, MIN set point, FAIL time, increase, decrease.
  • Numeric display:  Four digits, 0.5”/12mm, auto-ranging, with backlight.
  • LED indicators:  Sensor, above MAX, below MIN, >100 PPB, generator on, failure