Multiparameter System for Water Quality

Multiparameter System for Water Quality

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Eureka Environmental has thousands of Manta Multiprobes in the field used for a myriad of applications. 

Ideal for:

  • Spot checking 

  • Profiling

  • Low flow sampling

  • Lab use

  • Wireless communication to cable reels

Battery life

A fully charged mantaMobile device will run up to 22 continuous hours (based on operating a Manta+ multiprobe with 13 sensors). Run time increases with fewer sensors; will vary depending on the type and number of sensors installed.

How does it work?

The mantaMobile connects to the multiprobe’s underwater cable, any length up to 200 meters. It provides power to the probe, and a wireless connection to a Bluetooth-enabled display. Eureka’s mantaLink App for the display device provides control features, including sensor configuration, instant and automated data capture, file management, calibration, GPS, geofencing, and more! Data files may be emailed for convenience.

Mobile devices

Display Options​ Android - Tablets & Smart Phones iOS - iPhone or iPad

Manta link app

You must first download the mantaLink App to your display, from the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store. Once paired with the mantaMobile Bluetooth device, launch the App to connect to a Eureka multiprobe.



Trimeter and Manta Probes are multiparameter sondes for monitoring water quality in fresh, brackish and marine waters.  All sondes may be used for discrete sampling, profiling, as self-powered loggers, or connected to telemetry stations for continuous real-time monitoring, with water quality data accessible via cloud-based software.  Our sondes communicate RS-232, SDI-12 or Modbus, for flexibility in connecting to a variety of different data loggers and PLC’s.  Eureka offers the largest selection of water quality sensor technologies in the industry.  So in addition to standard configurations, each probe may be customized for your specific application.  Pick sensors of your choice to fully populate larger probes, or add a battery pack to convert a probe to a logging device.  All Trimeter and Manta probes feature anti-corrosive housings and sensors, robust marine bulkhead connectors, and anti-fouling options.  LED status indicators on each sonde provide important diagnostic information. Each probe includes an industry-leading 3 year warranty.  Operate your Trimeter and Manta probes with a variety of display options, via a direct or Bluetooth connection.  Intuitive control software, available for Windows, iOS and Android is included at no additional cost with every probe.


Eureka’s compact, low cost Trimeter is designed for projects that require the same high-quality features of a Manta+ probe, but fewer sensors.

Manta 20

The portable, yet rugged Manta+20, is well suited for site-to-site spot checking or profiling, in any type of water. The +20 fits in a backpack too!

Eureka 25

Eureka’s compact Manta+25 is an excellent choice when your application calls for turbidity monitoring, but only a few additional sensors...

Manta 30

Eureka’s Manta+30 packs big 4, ORP, depth, and wipered turbidity - plus one ISE sensor, all into one small rugged probe. Learn More about the 30 here.

Eureka 35

Eureka’s Manta+35 accommodates up to 11 different sensors, making it extremely versatile for a wide variety of water quality monitoring applications...


You’ve never seen this performance at this price in a water-quality monitor.

Manta 40

Eureka’s Manta+40, hold more sensors than any multiparameter probe in the industry.  It is ideal for long-term telemetry deployments.



  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive software
  • Extremely reliable
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Robust construction
  • Quick LED diagnosis
  • USB data transfer
  • Sizes from <2" to 4" OD
  • 24 parameters available
  • Optional battery pack
  • Real time data collection
  • RS232 or SDI-12 Communication
  • Telemetry - data to web
  • Windows based field display


The Manta2 Multiprobe is available in 6 different models -each configured to meet your specific needs.

Comes standard with 6 sensors in less than a 2" diameter housing. Includes Optical Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, pH, Specific Conductance, ORP and Depth.
Manta2 - 2.0
Supports up to 3 sensors. Most popular configuration is the CTD (Conductivity, Temp, and Depth).
Manta2 - 2.5
Supports up to 5 sensors depending on sensor selection.
Manta2 - 3.0
Supports up to 7 sensors depending on sensor selection.
Manta2 - 3.5
Supports up to 10 sensors depending on sensor selection.
Manta2 - 4.0
Supports up to 14 sensor depending on sensor selection.

Site-To-Site Profiling:

 Easy to use site-to-site monitoring

• Same user interface for field display and PC

• Windows based field PC or low cost Android tablet or smartphone options

• Save separate folders for individual sites

• Easy sync data download to PC


Unattended Logging:

  • All manta2 models include easy-to-use unattented logging capability
  • Internal or external battery packs powered with field replaceable alkaline batteries
  • Transparent housing with LED indicators confirms that probe is in logging mode
  • 4 MB memory - over 1,000,000 logged readings



  • Turn-key solution
  • Real time data collection
  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • Smart alerts
  • Built-in GPS mapping
  • Secure data